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This Week’s ABODE Lineup Could Be Their Best So Far This Summer


Here at Ibiza Club News, we make no secret of the fact that ABODE are one of our favourite brands on the island. We’ve got an awful lot of respect for what these guys do both on and off the dancefloor and we’re always happy to talk about what they’re doing in Ibiza or any of the other places they bring their parties.

So, trying not to sound like we’re using too much hyperbole, we really think that his week’s lineup for ABODE is the strongest we’ve seen from them on a Thursday night in Amnesia all season.

So, what is it that makes this week’s lineup better than some of the other? Well, it just ticks a lot of boxes for us. It’s simple, but complete. A little bit of something for everyone.

First off, they’ve got ABODE resident and Ibiza favourite Ellie Cocks representing the brand, she never fails to entertain and is sure to set the tone for the night perfectly. We’ve also got Santé bringing his own unique flavour and adding a little bit of extra spice to the party.

But for us, the real treats on Thursday will be coming from Guti, with his epic live show, and techno titan Alan Fitzpatrick, who finish off one of the most well rounded and complete lineups we think we’ve ever seen from ABODE.

If you would like to go to this week’s ABODE party we highly recommend you buy your tickets here now to avoid disappointment or overpaying on the night.

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