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Tomorrow Night Marks End Of Massively Succesful 1st Season For BODYWORKS

Tomorrow Night Marks End Of Massively Succesful 1st Season For BODYWORKS

Sometimes it takes a full season to gauge whether or not a night in Ibiza will be successful, other times it might only take one night but with BODYWORKS you could pretty much tell it was gonna be a hit from the time the very first track was dropped in Hï Ibiza.

If we’re being honest, we had a pretty good idea the night was going to be a success as soon as we heard CamelPhat, Solardo and Fisher were all going to be residents. You’d do well to find three more in-demand acts right now but, given the nature of Ibiza, you never take these things for granted until you actually see them unfold in front of your eyes and, in the case of BODYWORKS, boy did they unfolded.

Kicking off their season on 25 June, BODYWORKS has easily been one of the busiest nights on the island every single week. Even with Resistance, and their mammoth lineups, making Tuesday nights one of the most competitive nights we can remember, the club was still close to full capacity every week and we’re expecting tomorrow night’s closing party to be one of their busiest nights yet.

As always, CamelPhat and Solardo will be in charge of the Theatre, where they will be joined by FUSE bossman Enzo Siragusa and Del-30, one of the standout performers from this year’s schedule. While in the Theatre, Fisher will be playing all night long.

After such a successful first season, it’s hard to imagine 2020 without BODYWORKS taking place in Hï Ibiza again and we’re excited to see just what the team behind it will have instore for Tuesday nights next season.

We’re not exactly sure what they’re doing over in Hï Ibiza at the moment, but everything they’re touching is definitely turning to gold so, whatever it is, we want some of it. If you’d like to get down and party at BODYWORKS for the very last time this year, we highly recommend you get your tickets now because we think this is going to be one of the busiest nights of the summer. You can get yours here now.

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