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Track Of The Day: Marcelo Demarco – Panic Attack

Track Of The Day: Marcelo Demarco – Panic Attack

Tuesdays can be a real pain in the ass. If you’re anything like us, Monday will have been spent daydreaming about the weekend, ie. trying to piece together the hazy memories you have to see how the hell you spent all of your money, but once Tuesday kicks in you need to put your game face on and get your arse into gear. Last Friday was three days ago and next Friday is three days away so you’re pretty much in limbo, floating in a dimension where Fridays don’t even exist.

This may seem a little dramatic but we genuinely did feel like this a few hours ago, but not any more, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and Tuesday is drawing to a close and to help you celebrate we thought we’d share some hot new music with to finally beat these Tuesday blues.

We get a lot of demos sent to us, some are good, some are bad and some are tech house, we don’t discriminate, we listen to most and if we like them we’ll share them with our audience. Today we got a track from Ibiza based label Suro Records and it really hit a not with us. The track is by Marcelo Demarco and it’s called Panic Attack. We think the reason we liked this track so much was because the name fits the music so well.

Maybe it was impending Tuesday doom, or maybe it was the track’s beat, but there was something about this track that just seemed to make the walls of the room feel like they were closing in, almost inducing a panic attack, but in a good way, and before you know it, it has you hook line and sinker and it’s acidy waves pull you right in. 

Panic Attack is released this Friday but you can pick it up on pre-release below. Now go, enjoy the music!

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