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Freaking Trouve Presents Undercolor Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For San Antonio
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Freaking Trouve Presents Undercolor Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For San Antonio


Here in Ibiza Club News towers, every time we see a piece of news that bigs San Antonio up it puts a smile on our faces that usually lasts for the entire day. We love the place, and more so, we love the fact that it’s getting back to where it belongs, as the top party destination on the island, so it’s pretty fair to say we’re excited about Freakin Trouve Presents Undercolor, the newest addition to San An’s clubbing schedule.

With Ibiza’s microcosm being probably, actually scrap that, definitely the most competitive environment in world clubbing, San An is an extremely hard nut to crack and for every club brand that comes in and makes it big, there are three or four who have tried and failed so we always take a slightly skeptical look at new projects as they arrive.

One thing we always look for is brands coming in and doing something different. There are so many nights offering the exact same thing, wrapped in different genres, so going the extra mile to stand out from the crowd can go a long way to helping you succeed on the island. So when we see a new concept, offering something truly different it’s a real breath of fresh air for us.

Freakin Trouve Presents Undercolor are really pushing the boat for their first venture into the Ibiza clubbing scene with a series of shows in San Antonio’s flagship nightclub, Eden. Confirmed for four nights, 18 June, 30 July, 27 August and 30 September, Undercolor will feature some of the world’s best DJs and live acts, nothing new there we hear you say, but here’s where it gets slightly more interesting, the nights will also feature a fully immersive 3D visual experience with help from some “next level technology”.

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Now, we’re not sure exactly what this is, or how they’re going to do it, but we’re sure as hell excited to see how it turns out. As if all of this wasn’t exciting enough, the whole lot will be streamed live on Dance Television.

With the first event featuring some of our favourite DJs including Jesse Perez, Charlie Hedges, DJ S.K.T, Hott Like Detroit, Onyva and Cassimm, we’re really excited to get down and experience something new in Eden. We’re expecting things to get busy for this one so we would highly recommend picking up your tickets in advance. Luckily for you, you can get them here now for the unbelievable price of €20.

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