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Hotel Nautico Ebeso – Chilled Vibes on the Seafront

Hotel Nautico Ebeso – Chilled Vibes on the Seafront

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If you’ve read the last couple of reviews, you’ll have seen that Mikey & I have been hopping around Ibiza this year, seeing what’s open, and sharing our thoughts on the places we’ve stayed. After deciding we’d like a few days in Ibiza Town, we thought we’d stay for couple of days at Hotel Nautico Ebeso. We stayed there last year pre-season, and thought we’d re-visit to see what was going on post-lockdown Ibiza.

Must be a nice hotel if you decided to go back this year?

True. It’s a 4 Star Hotel on the edge of Ibiza town, so it’s placed perfectly on the seafront yet only a 15 minute walk to Dalt Villa. This year when we walked into the lobby, which is a big white marble space with chill-out areas looking over the sea, there were mapped out walk ways, automated hand sanitisers, and they even gave us a little set when we checked in with masks, hand sanitiser, and anti-bacterial wipes.

The whole hotel has a calm, chilled kind of vibe; with the white marble entrance, sea views, and little seating areas scattered around the place.This theme carries through to the outdoor area, which hosts an infinity pool looking out into the sea. 

From what I can gather, there’s a sea view from most rooms, and with 120+ rooms it’s a more than adequately sized hotel. I’m not the kinda person that knows how to travel light, so fortunately there were a few lifts to manoeuvre my bags up to the room.

Hotel – 8/10

Did the rooms have the same vibe as the hotel?

From staying here twice now, I can see that the rooms can vary in size; that being said, this year our balcony was almost the same size as the room, and looked directly out to sea. We could hear the waves rolling in all day, which if you’re anything like me, you’ll love, so I was delighted.

The room itself was cozy, but was spotless and had everything we needed. They’re fairly simple in set up, just a nice double bed, a desk, double wardrobes (with mirrors, always a plus to get a full length mirror) and a bathroom; but with the balcony attached we had more than enough space. The wi-fi was hit and miss for us, and our fridge wasn’t working the first day; but the cleaner soon fixed it for us. 

As for the bathrooms, you have a huge mirror and plenty of space to get ready or do whatever you need to do. The only downside for us was the shower was an in-bath shower; but if you’re a fan of baths then you’re in luck.

Rooms: 8/10

Sounds good enough to me, and you said the location was handy?

The location is one of the main reasons we love this spot, it’s on Figueretes and looks out onto Ibiza Bay. Figueretes is on the very edge of Ibiza Town, so whilst you’re in a really quiet and relaxing spot on the seafront, you’re also a 15 minute walk or less from Dalt Villa.

When we stayed last year they were building a new promenade and a man-made beach, so I was looking forward to seeing what was there this year. It’s definitely added to the area, there’s a promenade now running across the back of the hotel, with a little beach and a stone promenade which you can get access to from the pool area; it’s not a private beach, but it’s not a busy spot either. 

Location: 10/10

The pool area opens up onto the promenade? Will I be really exposed?

It does, but it’s still concealed. The lounging and bar area is elevated about the level of the public area so you’re not exposed and can look out to sea. There’s loads of sofas, tables, egg chairs and loungers to relax in and the drinks are really inexpensive. 

The pool area is slightly separated, as it’s an infinity pool with a glass front. There’s sun-loungers all around the pool, and there’s extra beds up a level behind the pool which is a little sun trap if you want to catch rays all day. This year there wasn’t poolside service, but there usually is, so it’s probably just a safety protocol. 

Like I mentioned, the pool is in an infinity pool is another reason I loved this place as it looks directly out to sea. It’s probably one of my favourite spots on the island, and when the weather is 35 degrees it’s a dream to cool off in. It also has jacuzzi seats, so that’s always a bonus too. 

Pool Area: 9/10

Sounds lovely. Especially the pool. Any other facilities?

I didn’t get to visit this year, but there’s the added bonus of a spa, with a mass of treatments plus a sauna and fitness centre; all of which again have sea views. Getting your morning workout in looking out on to Formentera. 

Mikey used it last year and loved it, and from looking at photos the whole facility carries through the white marble, calm, sea view theme. But if you’re looking for a free-weight gym, to options are limited which is perhaps the only downside. 

If you’re there while they also have laundry and ironing facilities, and I’m all for someone else doing that for me, so bonus points for that.

Facilities: 9/10

All good so far! Was it expensive to eat and drink there though?

They have a couple of dining options, depending on what you’re in the mood for; there’s the dining room where main meals are served, and the bar and lounge terrace. We only ate at the latter this year, so I can’t really comment on the food or prices but they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in there and the breakfast buffet last year was lovely. 

As for the bar and lounge, this is as you would expect attached to the pool area and is really reasonably priced especially considering how nice the place is. I don’t think I’ve ever paid €1.50 for a coffee anywhere in Ibiza, and a G&T was under a tenner. I didn’t eat here as it’s not very allergen friendly, but I did spend most my day by the pool and spent far less than I usually would which is a plus.

Food & Drinks: 8/10

Okay, and was the service in keeping with the hotel?

100%, I distinctly remember last year how nice and friendly the woman at reception was, and it was no different this time around. Everyone we encountered was really helpful and polite. The route to our room was a bit of a maize and the cleaning staff pointed us in the right direction and helped us with the doors as we had a few bags. Anything we needed they sorted out for us, so no complaints here at all.

Staff: 10/10

This all sounds really good, but I’m guessing it was pretty expensive?

For what you get, it’s really good value for money. We stayed for 2 nights and paid €260.00 with my Genius account on which is a cheaper rate than it would usually be (if you don’t have a Genius account, it’s well worth it and you get it after booking a few stays through 

On average right now you’re looking at around €150 a night; which is still really good value for money, considering the quality of the hotel, it’s location, and it’s facilities. There are similar hotels charging far more a night, so this really is a bargain for what you’re getting included in the cost.

Price: 9/10

Bonus Points: 

Instagrammable: 4/5
Good Night’s Sleep: 5/5
Drink Prices: 5/5
Health & Safety: 5/5

If you’re looking for something which isn’t glitz, glamour and glitter, but a high quality hotel with a really relaxed vibe, great views, a lovely pool area, and not far from Ibiza Town, then this is a good fit for you. It’s why we went back, and I’d 100% go back again for this reason. 


Value For Money

Great Location

Cheap Drinks

Great Facilities

Right On The Beach

Infinity Pool


If You're Looking For A Party, This Isn't The Place

Not Allergen/Vegan Friendly

Standard Rooms Can Be On The Smaller Side

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