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Ibiza 2020: Axel Beach Hotel an Unexpected Gem in San An Bay

Ibiza 2020: Axel Beach Hotel an Unexpected Gem in San An Bay

Mike Mooguire
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I dropped into the Axel Hotel last week for a 6 night stay. I had my other half Sarah with me and overall, we loved the hotel!

So – what’s it like?

Very modern, really clean, really nicely decorated – we were really impressed. When you enter, they have this giant air-cooled LED-lit tube that escorts you all the way down the back of the hotel, it’s pretty striking when you first enter. It sounds like it might look cheesy – but it doesn’t. 

The hotel itself is really nice. It’s a few years old now, but if they told me it had just been opened a few weeks I would have believed them. Everything still looks shiny and new. They describe themselves as hetero-friendly, which suggests the guests might be majority LGBTQ, but in reality the balance of clientele seemed similar to any other hotel we’ve stayed in.

Hotel: 8/10

Were the rooms as nice as the rest?

Yes – I loved our room. It was more a one-bed apartment than a hotel room. You had a separate sitting room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and twin balconies. Both the sitting room and bedroom led out onto the balconies and it’s floor to ceiling glass out to both – very nice. Also, the views from the balcony were amazing. It’s right on the beach so you’re staring straight out to sea, looking across San An bay, so you catch the full sunset at night as well.

The bed was a super-king, so I was able to sprawl like a starfish without Sarah falling out the side. They were pretty damn nice – I could do with a bed like that at home. 

Having the kitchen was really handy as well. I was expecting a double bedroom so really loved having the space offered in the Axel rooms, they were great.

Rooms: 9/10

What’s the location like?

It’s in San An bay, about half way down – so pretty good. We had a car, so popping in and out to San An was easy – but if you don’t have a car it’s a cheap taxi or not too far to walk. You have 2 supermarkets right across the road, and plenty of adjacent bars and restaurants. It’s also right on the beach (if the name hadn’t given that away already) so perfect if you’re a beach lover.

Location: 7/10

I do love the beach actually. What about the pool and lounging-about-in-the-sun facilities?

I have to admit – I’m not one for lounging about in the sun all day, but Sarah is – and she spent most of her days down there catching the rays and it’s a nice setup – they have big beds scattered along the outer edge looking out to sea, with plenty of nice sun-loungers and a bar beside the pool makes in handy to chill for the day and soak up some Ibiza sun. 

The pool I got into, it’s a really nice pool – it has those glittery tiles which she always gives bonus points for. Very clear and you’re looking straight out to sea – so really nice. 

The music left a little to be desired though. Cheesy hardhouse one minute, cheap royalty-free style cover versions of songs the next. That is one improvement they could definitely make that kind of spoils it a bit.

Pool Area: 8/10

What else did you like?

I used the gym and spa every day. I love to workout and then hop straight into the sauna and jacuzzi, so this place was perfect. The gym is perfect for a hotel, it had 2 treadmills, some free weights, some weights machines, a stretching area, some bikes and a few other bits. Again, all looking out to sea which really makes it nice when working out. 

The spa part is nice – the jacuzzi in particular was impressive. I spent quite a bit of time floating around in there, staring into space!

Facilities: 8/10

What about the food and drinks?

Food was decent. Breakfast I thought the portions were a bit small so I skipped it after the first day and just ate out, but the rest of the stuff was fine. It’s a standard menu, nothing standout but it was done well and wasn’t too expensive.

Food & Drink: 7/10

And was the service as good?

The staff were really friendly, front of house were very welcoming and really nice, the older waiter who served me every day down at the bar had the chats every morning, even the cleaners that visited the room were smiley and made you feel welcome.

Staff & Service: 10/10

What about value for money?

We stayed 6 nights and took advantage of a 3 for 2 offer the hotel had running, where you pay for 2 nights and stay for 3. So we got 6 nights for the price of 4, which worked out at around €600. That was amazing value for what we got. The room, with that view – should have been so much more. Prices were less expensive as the island was quiet due to Covid-19, but even at €200 a night, it’s still great value for what you actually get room-wise.

Value for Money: 9/10

Bonus Points?

Instagrammable – 5/5
Good Nights Sleep – 5/5
Mini Bar Prices – 2/5
Health & Safety – 5/5



Amazing Views

Huge Rooms

Great Beach Club and Pool

Right On The Beach

Great For The 'Gram

Really Good Value For Money


No Parking

Not Very Allergen/Vegan Friendly

Expensive Mini-Bar

Music Could Be Better

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