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Now You Can Rent Decks & Speakers For Your Ibiza Holiday

Now You Can Rent Decks & Speakers For Your Ibiza Holiday


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We know that lots of you lovely people who come out here to Ibiza on your holidays are either DJ, or in a group that contains a couple of DJs. It’s natural that a clubbing destination attracts people who like to DJ, be that as a hobby or as a profession. We also know that most of you are coming out here for a bloody good party and that sometimes the best fun is had away from the clubs, back in your apartment or villa where it’s just you and your mates cutting loose.

Now, when DJs get together for a party, it’s safe to assume that one thing you’d normally make sure you have is a set of decks and a decent sound system, right? However, when you’re on holidays, this isn’t always possible. It’s a lot of hassle to ship your gear on a Ryanair flight, not to mention it’s bloody expensive too, so, most of the time, you have to settle for a little portable speaker with little or no “umph!” when you’re getting on it back in your digs.

Thankfully, in Ibiza, this is no longer the case, thanks to the good people over at Digital Ibiza Rentals who will not only rent you the gear, but they’ll also deliver it to you, set it up for you too and even give you a cool Gorilla DJ stand to put it all on. How cool is that? You can now get a full club set up without any hassle at all and, to top it all off, they won’t charge you an arm and a leg for it either.

So, what do Digital Ibiza Rentals offer? Well, they have a number of different options depending on how big you want to go. Some are suitable for bigger events but if you’re just looking to pimp out your villa for a small party there are two packages that are absolutely perfect. The first comes with a Pioneer XDJ-RX, these are quality controllers, and a set of Mackie Thump 12 / 15 speakers. This deal will set you back just €300 per day, which between a group of mates is really good value to add a little spice to your villa session. 

The other deal we really like the look of comes with a set of two Pioneer NXS2 CDJ2000s, a Pioneer NXS2 DJM900 and a pair of Mackie Thump 12 / 15 speakers. This is pretty much a full professional club set up and will instantly take your party to the next level for just €400 per day. Digital Ibiza Rentals also offer a number of add ons to these packages. For example, you can add an Allen & Heath Xone96 mixer or a set of Technics 1210s for €120 extra per day. Or, if you want to take your sound system up a notch you can add a Mackie Thump 18s subwoofer for just €70 per day. Your neighbours might not thank you for it but your mates definitely will.

There are loads of different offers available from Digital Ibiza Rentals so if you would like to find out more information about them or make a booking all you have to do is fill out the enquiry form below.

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