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Our Thoughts on My Way Luxury Suites in Bossa

Our Thoughts on My Way Luxury Suites in Bossa

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We saw loads of people asking about Bossa this season, so we thought we’d check out what was happening in the area and book a couple of nights at My Way Luxury Suites. 

Not sure I’ve heard of that one – what’s it like?

We hadn’t really heard of it before either, but it turns out it’s where Cirque de la Nuit used to host their after party, and it’s had a bit of a refurb since. We booked this last minute, so we had limited options in the area, and this seemed like our best bet.

Luxury is probably a bit of an overstatement, but it’s nice enough. Check-in was down the road at another hotel, as there’s no reception at the apartments themselves but it’s only a stones throw down the road so no real inconvenience. 

The entrance brings you straight into the pool/bar area, which is a simple area with a few beds and plenty of tables. Again, not luxury, but clean and nice enough; no wow factor but no complaints either.

Hotel – 6/10

Sounds okay; were they luxury suites as advertised?

Not really, the rooms are pretty basic, but the beds are comfy and as it’s an apart-hotel so you have plenty of space, a little kitchen, and a balcony. I hadn’t seen the photos before booking, but Mikey had, and they matched up close enough to what was advertised despite the name. 

They were really clean, and the wifi was really good in the room which with us both working whilst we’re here is always massive plus for us. I can imagine it’s fairly noisy there in peak season, but you expect that with Bossa, but with this season being how it is it was really quiet and we had no disturbances whilst we were there.

Again, with it being an aparthotel there was no mini-bar, or room service etc. But, on the flip side you have the facilities to cook if you don’t want to be dining out and paying Ibiza prices all day everyday. 

Rooms: 7/10

So it has pro’s and con’s – what about the location?

It’s right next to what was Sankey’s, now Octan, so it’s just off the Main Street in Bossa; so you’re a 10 minute walk tops from Bora Bora Beach, Steak & Shake, Hi, & Ushuaia, etc. As this season is a little different, there’s not much open in the day time, but the hotel itself has a restaurant called Salt & Pepper so that came in handy. 

Come night time, the bars are open, and Bossa feels more like Bossa, and if that’s what you’re there for the location is perfect. 

Location: 8/10

You said you walk straight into the pool area on arrival, what did you think of that?

The pool area is probably one of the nicer parts of the hotel; whilst we were there it was really quiet for most of the day. It has a few beds and plenty of sun-loungers and tables around the pool, where you can get table service or order from the restaurant if you fancy. The pool itself was really clean, no frills, but you don’t need frills when you just need somewhere to cool off.

This is the only place we’ve stayed that had kids around so far, which wasn’t a problem for us, but just something to bare in mind depending on the kind of holiday you’re planning on having.

Pool Area: 7/10

Sounds like a simple enough setup, anything you’ve missed?

That was about it for the hotel; although when we checked in we were informed that we could use the pool at both the aparthotel, and the hotel where we checked in. We didn’t make use of it as we were working a lot of the time, but from what I could see that hotel had another swimming pool, tennis courts, and probably some other facilities I didn’t get to see. So if you do stay here make sure you check at hotel reception what else you get use of as part of your stay.

Facilities: 7/10

What’s their restaurant like? You mentioned it was a decent little spot to grab something to eat?

It’s a Mediterranean/Steakhouse style restaurant with a nice enough menu and Bossa pricing. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you’re never stuck for something to eat if you’re not really planning on moving from the pool. We had lunch there which was great, but dinner there didn’t really match up; so it’s hit and miss. 

We didn’t drink whilst we were there as we were too busy, but from looking around at what was going on they had nice drinks menu and everyone else who was lucky enough to be having a drink seemed to be enjoying themselves. 

Food & Drinks: 7/10

How about the service?

Hit and miss. Our waitress is the day time spoke minimal English, but she was really lovely and looked after us. On the evening’s things seemed to be a bit more chaotic and I wasn’t sure anyone really knew what was going on; but no-one was rude, and they were still polite and service was quick.

Staff: 7/10

So it’s a no-frills kinda place. Was it expensive? 

We paid around €210 for 2 nights, so it was fairly cheap; that being said, we’ve stayed at boutique and four-star hotels for around the same price this season, so it’ll be interesting to see what they charge when things return back to normal on the island. Personally, I wouldn’t stay there again as I know currently we can get way better value for money; but then again it is Bossa which is usually more expensive place to stay. 

That said, if you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful in Bossa, which is quiet and off the main road this season, this is probably ideal for you; after all, it’s all about personal taste.

Price: 7/10

Bonus Points: 

Instagrammable: 1/5
Good Night’s Sleep: 4/5
Drink Prices: 4/5
Health & Safety: 3/5

Like I said before, I probably wouldn’t stay here again knowing what else is on the island; but it was fine for a last minute short stay before we checked into our next stop. But, as I said, if you’re looking for somewhere cheapish to stay in Bossa and would rather something more of an apartment than a hotel, then this could be for you. 


Great Location

Spacious Rooms


Food Served All Day

Free Parking

5 Minute Walk To The Beach


Food Can Be Hit & Miss

Rooms Are Very Basic

Limited Space By The Pool

Can Get Better Value For Money

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