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The White Island Orchestra Kick Off Their Season In Es Paradise This Saturday

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you the news that Es Paradis is teaming up with The White Island Orchestra for In House, a unique show that will see dance classics performed by the fourteen-piece orchestra in the San Antonio venue.

It’s fair to say we’ve been quietly excited for this opening party at Ibiza Club News HQ, we always are when it comes to something new and original on the island and this night certainly falls into that category.

Es Paradis is bringing some real quality to the table this season with nights like In House, Boom Boom and their always popular water and paint parties and it’s great to see the club making strides and help fuel the San Antonio resurgence alongside their neighbours at Eden.

Door for In House with The White Island Orchestra swing open for the first time this Saturday, 22 June, and kick off their thirteen week schedule which will see the orchestra perform in the club every Saturday right through until the14 September.

We’re really looking forward to hearing how the orchestra will put their own spin on some dance classics and aslo really interested in what tracks they’ve selected for their set. It’s going to be awesome hearing live instruments in one of the most luxurious clubs on the island.

If you’re planning on attending this Saturday’s party, we strongly recommend you get your tickets early. You can grab yours here now.

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