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The Worst DJ Press Shots Of All Time

If you’re an aspiring DJ looking to carve out a career in the music industry, press shots are something that could really make a big difference when you’re trying to get yourself booked for gigs. If you haven’t already got some decent photos of yourself, you really should consider getting some because they could be the one thing that makes you stand out from the crowd and gets your name onto lineups.

Over the years, we’ve seen some classic examples of what not to do when getting your press shots taken and some of them are so funny that we thought we’d share them with you here.

DJ Sandy

Sure, everyone loves the beach. It reminds us of Ibiza, the summer and our holidays. Some of us may have even been to a couple of beach parties over the years but why oh why would you ever bring a turntable with you? We know from experience that just sitting on the beach gets sand everywhere so can you imagine what it’s doing to your Technics? Not only is this press shot ridiculous, it’s also pretty dumb. Do not do this.

DJ Transport

Anyone who has ever owned a set of decks has probably had to move them between your house and a house party or a club at some point. You spend a lot of money on these pieces of equipment and the last thing you want to do is damage them when moving them between places. Some of us will have kept the original boxes, while others will have invested in flight cases. Then there’s this guy, who plans on holding them while traveling in the back of a pickup. Hopefully, he doesn’t have far to go because he’s limited to one deck at a time and it looks like it’s going to get pretty cold back there.

DJ Family

OK, this might look like one of the clingiest and most awkward DJ press shots of all time but we’ve heard it’s not. Apparently, this guy was just supposed to have his photo taken with his little brothers and sisters but they didn’t show up. Making the most of a bad situation, and not wanting to waste the money he’d spent on the photo shoot, he decided to replace his siblings with the next best thing, his decks and a mixer.

D-Jamie Oliver

There are chefs, then there are celebrity chefs and then there are DJ chefs. Right at the top of the chef food chain is this guy who is so passionate about cooking and DJing that he just doesn’t know when to stop one or start the other. Unfortunately, his bookings have plummeted since he poisoned an entire nightclub with some really bad trap back in 2015 but at least he still looked great while doing it.

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DJ Awkward

Were not actually sure what exactly makes this press shot so bad but we are pretty certain it’s up there with the worst of them. It’s either this DJ’s intense and awkward stare, that suggests he’d just as quickly pickle your liver and eat it on Melba Toast than he would play some tunes around your gaff on a Saturday night, or it’s the weird little half point, half thumbs up thing he’s doing. If you’re going to use hand gestures, at least commit to one, other wise it’s just plain creepy.


Just to prove that it’s not only unknown DJs who have little or no budget to get their press shots done that make some photographic howlers, here’s
Tiësto doing his best impression of a sixteen-year-old school girl trying to look coy and flirty. In fairness to him, he totally nailed the look, we’re just not sure if it really works for a press shot.

If you’re looking at this list and thinking it’s nothing new and that you’ve seen all of these bogus press shots before, good, that’s exactly the point we’re trying to prove. Once you put one of these things out onto the internet, it’s there forever and, like all of the cases above, the world will constantly remind you about it. Don’t do what these guys have done and take some really crappy and cringy photos, take some time and do them well, they’ll really help if your looking to breakthrough as a DJ.

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