Moderat, Keinemusik – More Love (Rampa &ME Remix)

Feel the pulse of ‘More Love,’ a Rampa &ME Remix that’s a melodic house marvel. Brought to you by Moderat and Keinemusik, this track is a blend of deep beats and emotive vibes.

&ME – L.I.F.E

Embark on a melodic odyssey with ‘&ME’s ‘L.I.F.E,’ a track that weaves deep house and techno into a soulful tapestry. Released on Keinemusik, it’s a journey through sound that captivates and uplifts, proving once again why &ME is a maestro of rhythm and mood.

Rampa, Sparrow & Barbossa – Champion

Rampa and Sparrow & Barbossa team up to deliver ‘Champion,’ a track that’s a masterclass in Afro House. Released on VOD, it’s a blend of rhythmic prowess and cultural depth.

Adam Port, Keinemusik, Theus Mago – The Dream feat. Martina Camargo

Immerse yourself in ‘The Dream feat. Martina Camargo,’ where Adam Port and Keinemusik blend with Martina’s enchanting vocals. Released on Defected, this Melodic House & Techno gem is a musical tapestry, weaving beats and soul into an unforgettable auditory experience.

ARYMÉ, Osfur – Alegria

ARYMÉ and Osfur bring ‘Alegria’ to life, a track that’s a vibrant celebration in the realm of Afro House. Released on Madorasindahouse Records, it’s a fusion of energetic beats and cultural rhythms

Muanda – Blood (Radar Bird Remix)

Muanda’s ‘Blood,’ remixed by Radar Bird, is a pulsating Afro House journey. Released on RDK RECORDS, it’s a track that blends deep, rhythmic beats with a haunting melody, creating an atmosphere that’s both mysterious and invigorating.

Zeca Veloso – Todo Homem (Antdot & Maz (BR) Remix)

Zeca Veloso’s ‘Todo Homem,’ remixed by Antdot & Maz (BR), is a soulful journey in the Organic House/Downtempo genre. Released on Braslive Records, this track is a seamless blend of deep grooves and emotive melodies, offering a unique and introspective musical experience that resonates with every beat.

Afefe Iku – Mirror Dance

Step into the rhythm of ‘Mirror Dance’ by Afefe Iku, an Afro House classic that’s been moving feet since 2008. Released on Yoruba Records, this 8-minute saga is a blend of tribal beats and hypnotic grooves.

Gorgin – Principal Agent (Sunrise Version)

Gorgin’s ‘Principal Agent (Sunrise Version)’ is a mesmerizing journey through the realms of Indie Dance. Released on Diynamic, this track creates a soundscape that’s both energizing and introspective.

Radio Slave – Strobe Queen

Radio Slave’s ‘Strobe Queen’ hits the House scene with a bang, a 12-minute epic that’s all groove and no brakes. Released on Rekids, it’s a deep dive into hypnotic beats, proving once again why Radio Slave reigns supreme in the realm of house music. This isn’t just a track; it’s a dance floor revolution.