It goes without question, without house music who really knows where the world would be at right now? If you look back at how many positive things it has done for the world as a genre, it’s quite hard to imagine what the situation would be like without it.

In saying that, what would house music be like without the upcoming artists breaking through en route to their fame? The up and comers are the backbone behind the scenes, grafting and curating a completely new experience for house music as we know it in the coming years.

We feel it is time to shed some light on house music artists to look out for this year.

George Feely

Irish bred George Feely has been renowned on the Island for one of the most technically gifted DJ’s in the country. Crossing over from hip-hop, garage, house, disco and everything in between, George’s Djing skills alone are worth watching out for.

Production wise, the man has racked up some serious popularity with his most recent release Apache 909 EP on Random Mind State. Getting support from Monki, Fouk, Karma Kid, Niles Cooper and many more + selling out all 300 copies on vinyl. Recently signed to Henry Street Records, 2019 is already shaping up to be a huge year for the talented Irishman.

Lady C

Being on the DJ circuit for more than 10 years, Carla Bradley from Manchester has an insane amount of experience under her belt.

With a strong vision on strictly house music, Carla’s got a very unique ear for what she plays. With influences from Masters At Work, Carl Cox, Otis Reding, Al Green, Aretha Franklin and a variety more, it’s understandable where her unique style comes from.

Lady C is one to look out for in 2019!


Hailing from Ireland, GRIM is one of the younger artists that is creating history on the Island like nobody else.

Being the head honcho of Absolute Deep, a very prominent dance music brand in the northwestern part of Ireland, throwing some incredible events including Kahuna Festival, Enter The Coven & numerous parties throughout the region.

Aside from Absolute Deep related stuff, GRÎM has made some impressive international appearances in Amsterdam, London, Ibiza as well as a string of festival appearances in 2018.

And if all of that wasn’t impressive enough, the man himself has started an imprint under the name T.H.D Cutz. The label is still in its early days, but we’ve heard through the grapevine that there are some big releases coming later this year. You can expect to see GRÎM on a number of lineups throughout 2019.


Recognised as one of the Czech Republic’s biggest radio celebrity, Ondray has been grafting in the dance music scene for quite some time now.

Playing a major part in the national radio station EVROPA 2 and holding a residency on Beachgrooves radio-on-air Ibiza, Formentera, Marbella, Malaga, Ondray has nothing but passion for music. He’s got a very strong focus on what he wants to achieve as an artist and will not let anything get in his way.

He’s had some extremely successful tracks, with his latest release ‘Escalate’ featured in the Sense8 Tv Series on Netflix!

Aside from productions, Ondray’s been a firm favorite in the clubs of the Czech Republic and beyond! One of his top achievements being the main support for KE$HA on her European tour and also more recently supporting Lana Del Rey at her concert in the Aerodrome Festival.

Karl Jordan

One of the finest up and coming talents Ireland has to offer, Karl Jordan has struck the attention of many eyes and ears in his homeland and more recently on the international front. Not only for his in-depth musical knowledge, which reflects in his DJ sets, but also his production style that touches on all things house. In saying that, Jordan has almost 5 year’s worth of experience in the industry and has been heavily influenced by his annual trips to Ibiza.

From grafting his way up rapidly and playing some of the top worker’s parties on the Island, Karl quickly leaped into the superclub spotlight, playing in San Antonio’s Eden! Aside from Ibiza related stuff, he’ played in Pacha la Pineda, Salou and countless gigs across his home town, Dublin.

Down the production line, Karl has got an absolute monstrous back catalog of tracks ready to be pushed out and has grabbed the attention of some names like Matt Tolfrey and Mark Jenkyns!

We’re very excited here at Ibiza Club News to see this mans journey in 2019 and beyond.


Amsterdam based duo, L’Atelier have been putting quite a stir on the international circuit.

Tieing in their incredible back history as solo artists making hip-hop, house, techno and everything in between, they’ve formed a unique partnership and are, without a doubt, set to take their careers to the next level this year.

Aside from their very busy DJing schedule, they’ve had a number of releases on some very credible labels including Shag Edits, RFB Colours and their own label Just Edits.


Scottish bred progressive house lover, Rondevu, has put a spotlight on his hometown Aberdeen with what he’s been doing as of late.

Having taken up Djing almost 8 years ago, he swiftly became one of the leading forces in the progressive sound. From year’s of digging, DJing, networking and everything that comes with finding your sound, Rondevu grafted and has without question created something very unique. With a production style only fitting to what Eric Prydz or Sasha would create, he’s gone onto release on labels such as Cheap Thrills, Materialism, Kinetika & Conformity. In saying that, the tracks have got some heavy support from dance icons like Sasha, Kölsch, Robert Babicz and Edu Imbernon.

With the production side of things comes DJing and Rondevu is as busy as ever. Holding residencies in Let It Bleed and Rare in Aberdeen, he’s also played in some of Europe’s most recognisable venues, such as Ibiza’s Eden and Glasgow’s SWG3.

With so much hype and excitement around this artist, we’re biting at the nails to see where his journey takes him this year.

Kimberley Hartigan

It seems Ireland is really pumping out some fine talent and Kimberley Hartigan is another stellar addition to that!

Having an early introduction to music at the tender age of nine, Kimberely’s taste evolved into something very unique. With a strong focus on the heavier tech side of things, her several visits to Ibiza have made her a full-on Hot Creations fan. As her sound evolved, it’s turned into something completely suited to the DC-10 terrace vibe.

On the DJing side of things, Kimberley uses her musical knowledge to blend through scenes of house, techno and everything in between and has brought her music to some of Europe’s most popular nightclubs, including London’s iconic Ministry of Sound.

With a huge back catalog of tracks ready to get out, it wont be long untill this promising artists will be at the top of her game.

Table Manners

Originally from South London, Table Manners is a name that’s become known as one of the finest upcoming artists England has to offer.

From the early days of his life, Table Manners always had an everlasting love for music and the culture around it. From listening to pirate radio stations as a kid, he soon found that his love for music was a lot more than he expected. In saying that, he moved to West Sussex and from there started to collect heaps of vinyl.

As the years went on, he got more involved in DJing and now with almost 14 year’s experience under his belt, he’s gone onto being a core member of the Pukka Up family. Alongside his personal DJing, he’s been a resident for a large-scale corporate event company for the majority of 8 years.

With a host of parties lined up for Table Manners to take control of, including an appearance in San Antonio’s Eden superclub and Es Paradis, you’ll be sure to see this name a lot more.

Jonny P

Based in Lincoln, England, Jonny P is without question one of the most respected DJs in his hometown. With more than 15 year’s of countless gigs and experience, Jonny is a complete selector in his own way. Whether it is a commercial gig, a student bar or an uplifting house influenced party, all the way to an underground techno event, this man has it covered. In saying that, over the years Jonny has gone on to play for some of the biggest brands including Passion Classics, Coalville & Love Dough.

Alongside his DJing, he’s currently knuckling down with his production skills. Having only really looked at it as a hobby, he’s now changed his outlook on it to be fully ingrained in what he does. However, he’s currently in chats with some labels to get some of his tracks out. So, keep an eye out for this rising star in 2019!

Keith Hunter

London is a city full of thriving artists of all styles of music, but there’s only a selected few who really capture our attention, Keith Hunter being one of them!

Having a rich history in music, from playing the piano at a young age, Keith has evolved in many ways. Giving his piano a backseat, he took up DJing almost 20 years ago. Since then, he’s really felt comfortable with what he is doing as an artist.

With some stand-out appearances in the London scene, in clubs like Egg, Pacha and Fire to name but a few, Keith has grown massively as a DJ.

Close at hand, Hunter has got some major achievements with his producing. From winning a remix competition for Frigo Vide Records, he was given the privilege of remixing Sebb Aston’s track ‘Remember’, not too mention the remix being featured on the official Remember Remixes EP!

With the number of back catalog tracks this man holds, tied in with the river of bookings, he’s set for the stars this year.

Into The Ether

Having an extremely impressive few years playing under his own name, Jordan Clayton, even being dubbed BBC’s ‘Artist Of The Month’  in 2016. Into The Ether has now decided to revamp himself and take his musical journey in a different direction. In saying that, Into The Ether has taken a very strong focus onto a more melodic, deeper, progressive style.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Eric Prydz, Lane 8 and some other genres, he’s created a very unique sounding style.

Looking at Into The Ether’s current stuff, he’s got a 4 track EP ‘A Long Road Home’ already released and a selection of gigs confirmed both at home and on the international front.

Brand Zulu

Brand Simmonds the founder and head honcho of his alias, Brand Zulu, is an extremely unique artist. When it comes to DJing, it’s straight forward enough, but Brand Zulu’s vision of DJing is a lot more than just normal.

Through the power of one turntable and a midi controller, he is able to manipulate tracks in a way that many have never seen before! Crossing over from bassline house to drum and bass and all the way to R&B.

Within his hometown, Brand Zulu has been a key figure in nightclubs and has played in some of the finest there including Junction & Ballare. Alongside his hometown appearances, he’s spent a fair amount of time in Magaluf’s Banana Club as a resident.

With his incredible knowledge of mashup mixing, he’s currently in the grafting stage of production and is predicting big things for 2019.

We’re extremely excited to see where Brand Zulu is going to take his unique sound this year.

Split System

A man from the land down under, Ben Nercessian aka Split System is one of the swiftest up and comers the country has to offer. From maturing over the years musically, Split’s music taste churned into a very progressive based style. From listening to artists such as Cirez D, Deadmau5 & Jerome Isma-Ae, it was extremely clear what his true sound would be.

Making appearances in some of the finest clubs Sydney has to offer, like Home Night Club & Max Watts, he’s paved his way for some of his residencies with parties such as Hot Kandi + Outcast. With the residencies, it gives him a chance to further craft his DJing skills on a weekly basis.

Aside from pushing boundaries with DJing, Split System has already released music on well-respected labels and has some more releases up his sleeve for 2019.

Fit For Purpose

Originating from Northern Ireland, Fit For Purpose has a very interesting backstory. From spending over a decade in the army, Fit For Purpose now spreads his time between army exercises and DJ sets.

During his time in the forces, he has learned dedication and commitment like not many artists in dance music would have! Grafting and always finding ways to improve his abilities both on and off the decks, he has now spent an impressive three years behind a pair of ones and twos. One of the standout performances being in Ministry of Sound, one of London’s finest clubbing establishments.

After being based in London for quite some time, he was also enrolled as a student in Point Blank Music School studying and engineering his sound. In saying that, it’s not going to be long before Fit For Purpose is releasing some of his own dancefloor bombs!