Pete Tong, Jem Cooke, Jules Buckley – Heat Rising

Pete Tong, Jem Cooke, and Jules Buckley’s ‘Heat Rising (Extended Mix)’ on Ministry of Sound Recordings is the Dance / Electro Pop track that’s like your favorite spicy salsa – it’s got kick, but you can’t stop dipping into it. It mixes warm, melodic rhythms with an energy that’s more infectious than a viral dance move. Think of it as an espresso martini of music.

Moderat, &ME, Rampa, Keinemusik – More Love (Rampa, &ME Remix)

Moderat’s ‘More Love (Rampa &ME Remix)’ on Keinemusik is a Melodic House track that’s like a musical kaleidoscope – every turn reveals a new layer of sound. It’s a track where the beat isn’t just heard, it’s felt, pulsing through the air like a heartbeat at a rave.

Nick Morgan – Shook Part 3

Nick Morgan’s ‘Shook Part 3’ on Calamar Records is a track that’s like a caffeine boost for your feet. It doesn’t just make an entrance on the dance floor; it struts in, offering a rhythm that’s as insistent as a morning alarm and as enjoyable as hitting the snooze button for the fifth time.

Rossi. – U Wont See Me

Mystic Bill and Rossi.’s ‘U Won’t See Me’ on Three Six Zero is a track that’s understated yet compelling, weaving through your senses with the finesse of a street magician. It’s the kind of tune that doesn’t scream for attention but ends up capturing your full focus.

Paul Ursin – 1997

Paul Ursin’s ‘1997’ on Diynamic is a Tech House track that’s like a time machine to the heart of the ’90s rave scene. It’s a musical journey that creates a bridge between past and present. The track is a masterful blend of classic house elements and contemporary flair, making it a perfect anthem for both old-school enthusiasts and new-age clubbers.

David Kochs – Run It

David Kochs’ ‘Run It’ on Diynamic is a Melodic House track that’s like a sprint through a neon-lit cityscape. It’s a fusion of pulsating beats and vivid melodies, creating an electrifying atmosphere. The track is a perfect blend of energy and elegance, making it a standout piece in the realm of Melodic House & Techno.

Matrefakt – I Looked

Matrefakt’s ‘I Looked’ is like a secret whispered at a rooftop party. It’s the kind of tune that doesn’t need to shout to be heard, capturing your attention with its smooth, effortless charm. Perfect for those moments when the music is not just a background beat, but the heartbeat of the night.

Samuel Cosmic, &friends, Oluwadamvic – Halele (Alex Wann Extended Mix)

Samuel Cosmic, &friends, and Oluwadamvic’s ‘Halele (Alex Wann Extended Remix)’ on Hidden Hands is an Afro House track that’s like a vibrant street festival in full swing. The track is a lively blend of traditional Afro rhythms and contemporary house elements, creating a danceable fusion that’s infectious and uplifting. It’s the kind of tune that turns any space into a dance floor.

Disfreq – People

Disfreq’s ‘People (Extended)’ on Three Six Zero is a like a secret rendezvous in the city’s underbelly. It’s a mix of deep, throbbing beats and sly melodies. Every beat of ‘People’ is like a nudge and a wink, turning the dance floor into a playground for the night owls and the groove seekers.

Don Bello Ni, AMÉMÉ – Patchido (AMÉMÉ’s Repatch)

AMEME and Don Bello Ni’s ‘Patchido (AMEME’s Repatch)’ on One Tribe Records is an Afro House track that’s like a rhythmic safari through sound. It’s a blend of pulsating African rhythms and modern house beats, like a dance between tradition and innovation. It’s the kind of tune that turns the dance floor into a vibrant tapestry of sound.

Butch – Go Brooklyn

Butch’s ‘Go Brooklyn (Extended Version)’ on Finicky is a House track that’s like a rhythmic nod to the vibrant streets of Brooklyn. It’s the kind of tune that brings the spirit of Brooklyn to the dance floor, delivering a beat that’s as lively and diverse as the city it celebrates.

Rex The Dog – Your Wish Is My Command

‘Your Wish Is My Command’ is an Indie Dance track that’s a vibrant blend of retro and modern elements. It’s like a musical time machine, whisking you back to the neon-lit dance floors of the 80s. This track is a playful nod to the past with a bold step into the present.

Damian Lazarus, Dennis Cruz, DJ Holographic – Revolution feat. DJ Holographic

Damian Lazarus, Dennis Cruz, and DJ Holographic’s ‘Revolution’ on Crosstown Rebels is not your average Deep House track. This track is a sly wink to the night owls, blending soulful rhythms with a beat that’s got more twists than a back alley. The perfect soundtrack for those who dance like nobody’s watching, but secretly hope everyone is.

Marten Lou – My Love For You (Yebba’s Heartbreak)

Marten Lou’s “My Love for You (Yebba’s Heartbreak)” is a smooth Afro House track that’s like a secret handshake with the soul. Imagine a track that’s like a warm hug from an old friend, but with a beat that keeps your feet moving. It’s the kind of tune that whispers sweet nothings to the dance floor, flirts with your senses, leaving you wanting more.

Tibi Dabo – Licht

Released on Crosstown Rebels, this track is an 8:52-minute journey into a world where melody and rhythm intertwine in an ethereal embrace. It’s the kind of tune where the dance floor becomes a gateway to a galactic adventure. “Licht” is a masterful blend of the earthly and the celestial, making you feel like you’re dancing on the edge of the world.

Renate, Presi On, Augusto Yepes – Mawu

Renate, Presi On, and Augusto Yepes’ ‘Mawu’ on Abracadabra Music is an Afro House gem that casually strolls through a kaleidoscope of sound. Imagine a track that’s like your cool, globe-trotting friend who always has the best stories – that’s ‘Mawu’ for you.

Tripolism, Rosa Lee Luna – Luna Love

Tripolism and Rosa Lee Luna’s ‘Luna Love’ on Ultra is the Deep House equivalent of a cheeky midnight snack – irresistible and surprisingly satisfying. It’s a blend of velvety rhythms and moonlit melodies, perfect for when you’re too cool to dance but your feet disagree.

Samer Soltan – I Want Your Love

Samer Soltan’s ‘I Want Your Love (Original Mix)’ on Diynamic is a House track that’s got more moves than a chess grandmaster at happy hour. It’s a smooth blend of beats and melodies that glide across the dance floor like a seasoned salsa dancer

Oppaacha, Rendelman – Good Girl

Oppaacha and Rendelman’s ‘Good Girl’ on Diynamic is an Indie Dance track that’s like a secret party in an underground club. It’s a tune that whispers in your ear, subtly commanding attention with its understated charm and sophisticated rhythm.

Boyz II Men, Shermanology – Motown Philly

Motown Philly (Extended)” by Boyz II Men and Shermanology, released on Three Six Zero, is a Tech House track that’s like a rhythmic tribute to the soulful streets of Motown. Imagine a track that’s like a smooth operator in a velvet jacket, effortlessly cool and irresistibly groovy.