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4 Faces To Watch Out For!

4 Faces To Watch Out For!


When it comes to looking at dance music, it can be a little saturated with a certain style of music. Whether it being techno, house, EDM or anything under the sun, it can be hard to distinguish the truly unique ones out of the pile. Here at Ibiza Club News, we’re bombarded with individual talents on a daily basis, but very few grab our attention like the ones we’re about to talk about.

In saying that, we’re here to dig out some of the more unique ones grafting behind the scenes and shine some light on what they’ve been up to!

Sabian Flores

At this point in time, Sabian Flores is a name that is synonymous with Ibiza. He’s the bread to the island’s alioli, the Es to its Vedra, the Kevin to its Perry and the fake inflatable tits to its 30-man strong stag party from Cardiff. Seriously though, Sabian is an artist who has been doing the rounds in Ibiza and the UK for longer than he would care to mention. He’s forgotten more about dance music over the course of drinking one bottle of Hierbas than most DJs are likely to know in their entire career and he’d still be sober enough to mix them under the table afterward too.

Having already played in all of the island’s superclubs, Sabian has little left to prove to anyone, apart from his theories on Chem Trails and the world being flat, which, if you ask me, are totally bat shit mental but, hey, he’s a DJ so I guess bat shit mental stuff is par for the course. Sabian is also a pretty keen producer, so far producing four children, a patented blend of spices and a wind-powered automobile for cats called the Pussy Wagon. Oh, and he also makes a few tunes in his spare time too.

Altered State

Irish bred artist David Sheehan is the leading force behind his project ‘Altered State’. From creating an extremely in-depth love for everything trance related at a tender age, and from that the influences of that genre led him to a genre he now calls home, Psy-trance.

As the years progressed, Altered State has racked up some incredible skills and talents. Along the way, he got to play a big part in some of the best psytrance festivals on the planet, not only in his home country but abroad around the world.

With every good DJ, a natural evolution is to take upon producing, and with that Altered State has made an impact on psytrance as we know it. If you were to search for this man’s music you would find he’s signed to quite a handful of labels including Iboga Records, Iono Music, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Audioload Music, Pharmacy Music, Critical Overload & more.

If there’s one person to look out for in the psytrance circuit, it’s this man right here.

PJ Winterman

Spain based Englishman, PJ Winterman has had an absolutely incredible journey as a DJ. With over eighteen years of experience, PJ is a pure house selector in his own right. Dipping in and out of every sub-genre you could imagine ranging from melodic, deep, tech, soulful you name it Winterman has got it.

Taking inspiration from dance music titans Sasha, Above & Beyond, Solomun & more, it’s easy to distinguish what influence comes from where especially in his DJ sets.

Relocating from England to Spain was always a big deal for PJ, as he felt he needed something a bit more with his music career! Within moving, he’s now represented and respected as one of Valencia’s rising talents. With numerous appearances in popular bars, clubs and even as of late the Látex Club.

It goes without question, PJ Is on the right path to stardom in 2019.

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Jason Busteed

Irish native and a veteran of his career, with over twenty years experience, Jason Busteed has proved to be one of the finest in his country.

Taking a lot of influence from the earlier days of house music with Frankie Knuckles, Masters at Work + more, his sound has evolved over his long-standing career into a mixture of everything house.

After what some say see as conquering Ireland, playing across all of the country, he set his goals higher and aimed for the music mecca of the world, Ibiza. After visiting he landed himself some incredible slots at Café Mambo, Bora Bora Beach, Ocean Drive and more.

Aside from the DJing side of things, he has started up his own imprint with his good friend Kian MC, known as ‘Lefty shades records’ and since then has lined up a mountain of releases ready to take over clubs across the world as we know it.

With a heap of bookings flooding in along-side the swift uprising of his label, it’s only the beginning for this man.

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