Earlier this year, our sister publication, Wunderground, set about on a tour of some of Europe’s hottest festivals in an ambulance.

Yes, you read that right, an ambulance. Now, before you start speculating about whether they’ve swapped goading tech house DJs about their floral shirts or claiming all sound technicians are reincarnations of Saddam Hussein, for a career in paramedics, it’s not what you think. They haven’t thrown in the towel or retrained as emergency response professionals. They’ve actually done something much crazier than that and converted an ambulance into a fully mobile, Void-powered festival stage.

Having driven the ambulance across five different countries so far, the Wunderground Rescue stage has been bringing some of the brightest emerging talents in the dance music scene to some of the best festivals on the continent and letting them play to the crowd through the greatest sound system known to man. So, we’ve decided to chip in by picking the cream of the crop and featuring them as our Ibiza Club News Emerging Artists.

Today we spoke to Brad Lessur, widely regarded as one of the hottest emerging artists to come out of the south of England in recent years. Having already played a supporting role on Hannah Wants’s UK tour, the only way is up for Brad Lessur, who regularly finds himself playing at major clubs and festivals in the UK and beyond.

You’ve been selected as an ICN emerging artist, tell us about your journey to where you are today?

So, I originally started in music when I was a kid, playing guitar, piano, ukulele, and whatever I could get my hands on really, I was playing and songwriting in a fairly successful band, until I moved on and bought my first set of decks. I originally started out mixing a lot of garage and bassline, before moving on to the Tech House/Techno scene, that was when I started the Brad Lessur project. My first break away from playing around the local clubs and bars was probably winning the Hannah Wants DJ competition back in 2017, and then winning it again the following year, and a year on from that, being handpicked to support her on tour. All of these gave me some great momentum and opportunities to play some amazing shows up and down the UK and support some of the biggest names in the scene, even playing in the amazing, Ibiza the past few years; last year at Eden and this year, Hï Ibiza, in September. I’ve also focused a lot of time on production and now have releases out on reputable international labels, with a lot of new music, that I’m really proud of coming out in the near future!

What words of wisdom would you give to other artists who want to do the same?

I would just say, it’s not a quick process. It takes a lot of time, focus and consistently pushing to build momentum in this industry. Take every opportunity you can, within reason, and make the most of it. 

Also, if you have something that makes you stand out from the crowd, use it. Remember there’s a million other DJ’s out there trying to do the same as you, so use your individuality to your advantage.

Talk to us about the set you put together, how did you prepare, what do you like about it and what can our listeners expect?

I don’t actually like to prepare too much for my live sets. For an hour set, I will usually sit down the day before or on the day and put 1 or 2 playlists together with around 60-120 tracks in, each. Then I just tend to see what the vibe is and then adjust my set with how I feel it’s going and how the crowd are reacting to it and going from there. 

This set was exactly that. I threw in a couple of classics, because who doesn’t love a classic, but mostly this is filled with bouncy, rolling Tech House. I loved playing this set, was such a good vibe!

This set was recorded in the Wunderground Rescue ambulance, tell us how that was?

Definitely the most fun I’ve ever had in an ambulance, that’s for sure! haha 

The ambulance was actually wicked. It has a giant ‘Nee Naw’ stuck on the side of it, big light rig and a full Void sound system surrounding it. It had such a wicked vibe going all day! 

I think I actually had a big limbo going on during my set! haha.. I just wish I could have joined in!

In your opinion as a DJ, how important is it to have a good sound system when creating a vibe at a party?

Honestly, I think it’s pretty vital. It can obviously be done with smaller systems in the right scenario, but there is absolutely no beating a party with a truly great sound system!  

There aren’t many better feelings than when you walk into a club with a sound system that punches you in the face… in a good way.

Out of all the club sound systems you’ve played on, what’s been your favourite?

Despite my absolute love for a good Void sound system, having worked with them a bit in the past… Not to mention how damn sexy they look, too.

My favourite, that I’ve played at to date, probably has to be the O2 Academy in my home town, Bournemouth. I think they actually have a JBL system, but I haven’t played there since the end of 2018, so maybe it’s different now. But the whole venue has an incredible sound! 

Another one that I have to add, is Switch in Southampton who have a Funktion1 sound system and are constantly upgrading their set up to make it better, it just gets better each time I visit and it’s easily up there with the best I’ve ever played on.

What is the one piece of kit you always make sure to have at your gigs?

As long as there’s a good set of decks and a mixer, I’m good to go… Not forgetting the headphones and USBs, of course. 

Oh… and a good bottle of tequila is always a plus.

What are the top 5 tracks you are playing at the minute?

Where can our readers see you play in the coming weeks/months?

Over the next month, I have two Elrow shows. First on 17th August @ Elrow Town, London and the second on the 24th August @ Switch, Southampton. After that, I’m back in London for the wicked event, Casamara @ Basing House on the 6th September alongside Artikal and then I’m off to Ibiza to play the mega, BODYWORKS @ Hï Ibiza on the 17th September!

A month of gigs that I’m very excited to get underway!