Earlier this year, our sister publication, Wunderground, set about on a tour of some of Europe’s hottest festivals in an ambulance.

Yes, you read that right, an ambulance. Now, before you start speculating about whether they’ve swapped goading tech house DJs about their floral shirts or claiming all sound technicians are reincarnations of Saddam Hussein, for a career in paramedics, it’s not what you think. They haven’t thrown in the towel or retrained as emergency response professionals. They’ve actually done something much crazier than that and converted an ambulance into a fully mobile, Void-powered festival stage.

Having driven the ambulance across five different countries so far, the Wunderground Rescue stage has been bringing some of the brightest emerging talents in the dance music scene to some of the best festivals on the continent and letting them play to the crowd through the greatest sound system known to man. So, we’ve decided to chip in by picking the cream of the crop and featuring them as our Ibiza Club News Emerging Artists.

We spoke to Carly Carmen, a London based DJ and producer who first came into our radar after a series of Ibiza shows in 2017. Since then Carly has been going from strength to strength, with 2019 looking likely to be her busiest year to date.

You’ve been selected as an ICN emerging artist, tell us about your journey to where you are today?

I started with some second hand decks on the floor of my bedroom and wired them up myself with no idea what I was doing. I locked myself in my room until I did! I asked a good friend of mine if I could play at one of his events, which I had supported as long as I’d known him, and once I was on one flyer the bookings have never stopped! I just played at Hï Ibiza and I’m about to play at Elrow Town, I mean wow..

What words of wisdom would you give to other artists who want to do the same?

Network, go to events, meet people and most importantly, be kind!

Talk to us about the set you put together, how did you prepare, what do you like about it and what can our listeners expect?

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect playing out of an ambulance and how busy it would be, so I didn’t plan my music too much, I just raided my USB and tried to play tracks people would recognise as they walk past as you only have a window of about a second to grab their attention.

This set was recorded in the Wunderground Rescue ambulance, tell us how that was?

It was really good fun, what an experience to get to play out of an ambulance!

In your opinion, as a DJ, how important is it to have a good sound system when creating a vibe at a party?

The sound system is key! If the music is cutting out or the quality is rubbish, it doesn’t matter what you’re playing, it’s going to sound pants!

Out of all the club sound systems you’ve played on, what’s been your favourite? 

Studio 338’s sound system is unreal! I know the sound technician there and they are always improving the sound by adding more speakers in different areas or upgrading it all to make the experience unreal when you party there. Void all day long!!

What is the one piece of kit you always make sure to have at your gigs?

Snacks are just as important as the USB’s!

What are the top 3 tracks you are playing at the minute?


Where can our readers see you play in the coming weeks/months?

Two big gigs coming up are Elrow Town on 17th August and Tobacco Dock supporting Gorgon City and Sonny Fodera on 19th October.