Earlier this year, our sister publication, Wunderground, set about on a tour of some of Europe’s hottest festivals in an ambulance.

Yes, you read that right, an ambulance. Now, before you start speculating about whether they’ve swapped goading tech house DJs about their floral shirts or claiming all club promoters are reincarnations of Saddam Hussein, for a career in paramedics, it’s not what you think. They haven’t thrown in the towel or retrained as emergency response professionals. They’ve actually done something much crazier than that and converted an ambulance into a fully mobile, Void-powered festival stage.

Having driven the ambulance across five different countries so far, the Wunderground Rescue stage has been bringing some of the brightest emerging talents in the dance music scene to some of the best festivals on the continent and letting them play to the crowd through the greatest sound system known to man. So, we’ve decided to chip in by picking the cream of the crop and featuring them as our Ibiza Club News Emerging Artists.

In this week’s edition we speak to Døc, a DJ and producer based in Sligo, Ireland. Døc has played a major role in the flourishing electronic music scene in the west of Ireland,  which has helped propel him onto the wider stage, with appearances at a number of festivals already under his belt this year, we’re expecting big things from the Irishman.

You’ve been selected as an ICN emerging artist, tell us about your journey to where you are today?

First of all, thanks very much for selecting me as one of your Emerging Artist. My Journey to where I am today started back in 1998. There was a club, not far from my house, called The Privilege. My two older sisters and my brother used to go and were always talking about how good the music was. One of their friends snuck me in the side door one night, I was only 15, and straight away I was blown away by everything about it. The music, the sound and how everybody was worshiping the DJ. I was hooked and bought my first set of decks not long after that. John Moran, the promoter from The Privilege, lived around the corner from me and he offered to teach me how to DJ. Within a year, I played my first gig there and eventually got a residency. We used to tour around Ireland to a few different clubs back then.

I could only get so far as just a DJ, so I started to learn how to produce. I did a course in my good friend Reuben Keeney’s studio back around ten years ago. The guy who taught me, John Kearns, was such a good teacher. We actually ended up as a duo for a short time. Signing our first track to Ibiza label Sexibeats. That is where I met a guy called Marcelo Demarco, who has been a big reason I am where I am now. Marcelo ran Sexibeats and now runs a great label called Suro Records. Since meeting Marcelo, I have played so many great gigs. Sold out Warehouse parties in London. Massive Pool parties in Ibiza, in amazing locations, and even Sankey’s Ibiza for Do Not Sleep.

All of which has helped me get where I am now. So far this year, I have played Miami for Miami Music Week, a sold-out boat party with Danny Howells, We Are FSTVL and just last week I played to 1000 people in Galway supporting Bookashade, as well as keeping my residency in a club called The Spiral Tree in Longford.

What words of wisdom would you give to other artists who want to do the same?

Assuming you already know how to DJ, I would say put the time into learning how to produce properly. The best way to look at it is to treat it like an apprenticeship. If you put in the time and keep your head down you will have a great job at the end of it.

Talk to us about the set you put together, how did you prepare, what do you like about it and what can our listeners expect?

With a festival, I always go for high energy music, there’s so much on around you, you need to try and keep the crowd with you. So, you can expect a lot of high energy groovy tracks. It’s the type of set you want to keep listening to, to hear what’s next. I played a few unreleased tracks of my own as well, and some personal edits. I always like to make edits to keep my sets different to other DJ’s.

This set was recorded in the Wunderground Rescue ambulance, tell us how that was?

I loved it! It is such a cool idea and the Void system they use is amazing. I saw some Insta stories where people were saying the ambulance was the best stage at the festival. Just goes to show you the quality of DJs Wunderground select for their line ups.

In your opinion, as a DJ, how important is it to have a good sound system when creating a vibe at a party?

Very important. I always say there is no better feeling than playing in a small dark room with a good sound system and an educated crowd. That’s all you need, a good sound system, good music and a crown who appreciate it and a space to party. Everything else is just extras.

Out of all the club sound systems you’ve played on, what’s been your favorite?

I would probably say the Pioneer system they used in Sankey’s Ibiza. I was very impressed with that. Another system is the Void system in Eden, the reason that impressed me so much was the fact it didn’t need to be blasting for people to enjoy it.

What is the one piece of kit you always make sure to have at your gigs?

Besides my USB’s and my headphones. I always bring my zoom recorder with me. I don’t always record my sets but I do always bring it with me.

What are the top 5 tracks you are playing at the minute?

Where can our readers see you play in the coming weeks/months?

Well you can always catch me at my residency in The Spiral Tree Longford, every 3 weeks. Other than that, you can see me at Hï ibiza where I play the Wild Corner for BODYWORKS on September 17th. I have a few others I can’t release just yet but if you keep an eye on my Facebook and Soundcloud you can keep track of all my up and coming gigs.