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Ever Wanted To Rave In A 1000 Year Old Castle?

Ever Wanted To Rave In A 1000 Year Old Castle?


We’re officially in the middle of the hump-day and getting closer and closer to the weekend, luckily for us in Ibiza, it’s ALWAYS the weekend! For the folk that is not on the Island living it up, not too worry, we come bearing some great news.

It’s back! Into The Valley Festival is returning this year and with a whole new feeling!
Kicking off on 28 September and running until the 30, Into The Valley will be bringing their unique experience to the sunny plains of Andalusia, Spain. Located in the Castle of Sohail, a 1000-year-old castle that is enriched with history, not to mention the castle ruins leading onto the beach just a couple of hundred yards away.
The festival felt like it was time for a change, and with the change of location bring’s a whole new vibe. That vibe is a more colorful, brighter, happier atmosphere to the whole experience!
The castle will be the hub for everything going on in the festival, stretching across three stages from noon until 11 at night. When it comes to the night-time program, nothing yet has been announced. In saying that, we’re expecting something mega big for it.
Line-up wise you’re gonna be treated to fine selectors including the 13 announced so far like Acid Pauli, Amelie Lens, Anastasia Kristensen, Charlotte Bendiks, Elena Colombi, Fatima Osman, Jessie Granqvist, Licaxxx, Natasha Diggs, Omar-S, Peggy Gou, Ulwhednar (Anthony Linell & Varg) & Young Marco.
For more info on tickets or the festival in general, click HERE!


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