Sorry, had to let that out before I type anything. A sigh of relief. FUCK ME I’ve missed announcing these line-ups. The last time we had the pleasure of dropping a super-sweet line-up for an Ibiza club was… honestly a lifetime ago.

It feels like hundreds of years.

I know it was only last year… but they all got cancelled, and we’ve had a million years of waiting around since then. At least that’s how it feels.

But thankfully – we have a line-up to shout about. And whaaaaaaat a line-up it is.

In unusual, but understandable, form – Amnesia has dropped the line-up for the closing party before we get the opening party details. We’ll take it.

October 23rd sees Amnesia close its doors with Jamie Jones, The Blessed Madonna, Adam Beyer, Deborah De Luca, Marco Faraone, Jayda G, Young Marco, Richy Ahmed, Cuartero, Mar-T & Caal, Sidney Charles & Seb Zito, Alfredo, Jeremy Healy, Alex P, Jason Bye, John Woods Andres Campo, Les Schmitz and Luca Donzelli. 

Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Dear God –  I know I said that I didn’t really believe in you, but that if you just gave me this one thing that I would be a good boy for the rest of my days AND I would come up to heaven and buy you a pint and bring you out on the tear in Ibiza. Well, you’ve come through for me. It looks like we’ll be dancing together this season. Bring Mary & a USB, just in case. Fuck it, bring the Donkey for all I care – WE’RE BACK.

Thank you Amnesia. Thank you God. Thank you Jamie Jones. Thank You The Blessed Madonna. Thank you Jayda G…. you get my drift.


*Ibiza Club News would like to apologize for the excessive cursing in this newspiece. It’s been a while, you know? We’re just excited, that’s all. We’re Ibiza CLUB News. We’ve missed this shit. We promise to curse less in any future announcements DEPENDING ON HOW FUCKING JUICY THEY LOOK! AMNESIA COME THE FUCK ON!!!!!