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Here’s How To Get Access To 7 Parties With Just 1 Ticket

Here’s How To Get Access To 7 Parties With Just 1 Ticket


Now, looking at this headline, we couldn’t blame you for thinking we’re bullshitting you or that it’s just some sort of clickbait nonsense to make you open the article up before we try to sell you some sort of expensive ticket package. We’ll be honest, that’s exactly what we thought the first time we saw it too but, we promise, it’s not. There is a way that you can get access to seven different parties with just one ticket and it doesn’t involve any jumping through hoops. In fact, it doesn’t involve anything other than you buying the ticket and then going to all seven parties. How cool is that?

It’s not magic, there’s no voodoo involved, it’s all just one genuine ticket package, offered by our friends over at Cirque de la Nuit, Playa d’en Bossa’s one and only premium sunset boat party. Interested? Of course you are! Who wouldn’t be?

For the low-low price of just €89, you will get access to Cirque de la Nuit, TripAdvisor’s number one thing to do in Ibiza for Playa d’en Bossa. The boat sets sail four time per week between the hours of 6 & 9 pm. While on board Ibiza Boat Club 350, the island’s biggest and best floating party venue, you’ll be able to enjoy the open bar, with drinks including Sex on the Beach, Pornstar Martinis, beer, sangria, water and a variety of soft drinks, as well as Oreo and mojito cupcakes, served directly to you on the dance floor.

It’s also got a state of the art Void sound system and a bigger than ever dance floor where you’ll regularly be able to catch some of Ibiza’s biggest names spinning the freshest tracks on the island.

So, that’s one party covered, here’s where this ticket gets even more appealing. You’ll also be invited to a pre-party in Bora Bora beach where you’ll be able to get yourself in the mood for the boat while soaking up the rays on Playa d’en Bossa’s craziest stretch of beach.

Your ticket also gives you entry to O Beach, San Antonio’s favourite daytime party, before 1.30 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the summer, where you can party the day away with one of the island’s hottest daytime party brands, including Hot Bed, One and Soul Heaven.

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As if all of that wasn’t enough, your ticket will also get you access to four, yes I just said four, different clubs on the island. These clubs will change from week to week but you’ll be able to check what’s on offer a couple of weeks before you jet off so don’t worry, you’ll be able to plan your entire holiday well in advance.

If you take full advantage of a Cirque de la Nuit ticket, you could save yourself over €200 on entry fees alone, not to mention the savings you make at an open bar in Ibiza. To think, you could have a whole week’s partying paid for, for just €89, you’d be totally nuts to pass this golden ticket up. Click here to get yours now.

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