Earlier this year, our sister publication, Wunderground, set about on a tour of some of Europe’s hottest festivals in an ambulance.

Yes, you read that right, an ambulance. Now, before you start speculating about whether they’ve swapped goading tech house DJs about their floral shirts or claiming all sound technicians are reincarnations of Saddam Hussein, for a career in paramedics, it’s not what you think. They haven’t thrown in the towel or retrained as emergency response professionals. They’ve actually done something much crazier than that and converted an ambulance into a fully mobile, Void-powered festival stage.

Having driven the ambulance across five different countries so far, the Wunderground Rescue stage has been bringing some of the brightest emerging talents in the dance music scene to some of the best festivals on the continent and letting them play to the crowd through the greatest sound system known to man. So, we’ve decided to chip in by picking the cream of the crop and featuring them as our Ibiza Club News Emerging Artists.

This week we spoke to Karl Jordan, a twenty five year old DJ based in Dublin, Ireland. Karl has been on an upward trajectory since leaving his hometown behind for a summer and making the move to Ibiza back in 2015, gaining more and more pace every year since. 2019 is looking like it will be the real breakthrough year for this young Irishman.

You’ve been selected as an ICN emerging artist, tell us about your journey to where you are today?

Well, I started DJ’ing and producing when I was 17 and I’m now 25 so it’s been 8 years and a lot has happened over those 8 years. I started to play around Dublin, moving to Ibiza for a season in 2015 where I got a residency in Joe Spoons and a Monday night residency in Eden. From there, I’ve played at some major clubs and festivals such as Pacha la Pineda in Salou, Mass Festival in Ireland and We Are FSTVL in London this year. In relation to my productions, I have spent a serious amount of time locked away in my studio, trying to learn as much as I can and hone the craft of producing. That being said, my tracks are growing stronger month by month. I’ve had some support from major artists with Mark Jenkyns playing my track Acid in the Water at a New Years Eve party last year that was hosted by Steve Lawler’s Warriors. That was the key moment where I knew I could do this and it’s pushed me to keep going. Then this year I’ve had some great support from Secret Sessions DJ Harrie Summers, it’s always great to have your tracks being played on the island so that was a great moment to see the crowd’s reaction to my music.

What words of wisdom would you give to other artists who want to do the same?

A good line I saw recently from Paco Osuna that I really connected with was; 

Your work and perseverance will make you shine, even when others try to cover you!

I firmly believe that, because I’m always working on my music, my day will come. Everyone wants the limelight but keep working hard and its going to land on you eventually.

Talk to us about the set you put together, how did you prepare, what do you like about it and what can our listeners expect?

I knew I was on early in the day so I kept my playlist quite feel-good music with nothing to heavy so I ended up playing some house classics and some groovy tracks. I really enjoyed it, the crowd seemed to respond so it was a very enjoyable set.

This set was recorded in the Wunderground Rescue ambulance, tell us how that was?

Haha yes, what can I say, it was unique, never played somewhere like it before. Not many people can say they have DJ’d in the back of an ambulance, hahaha. It’s fun, the people enjoy it, it’s funny so everyone’s having a good laugh.

In your opinion, as a DJ, how important is it to have a good sound system when creating a vibe at a party?

Very, you need to know your music is being pumped out to everyone in the best quality it can and that the ravers can hear every detail of the tracks, may it be the highs or the boom of the bass. It’s better for everyone, the DJ and the ravers.

Out of all the club sound systems you’ve played on, what’s been your favourite?

My favourite club sound system I played on would have to be the Void system in the main room of Eden, San Antonio. It was actually the first time I went to in Ibiza in 2012 and I’ve always loved the layout and design and the sound system just blows you away.

What is the one piece of kit you always make sure to have at your gigs?

That would have to be my USBS. Without them, there’s no party.

What are the top 5 tracks you are playing at the minute?

Where can our readers see you play in the coming weeks/months?

I have some gigs coming up that are not announced at the moment but all details will be on my socials very soon.