Earlier this year, our sister publication, Wunderground, set about on a tour of some of Europe’s hottest festivals in an ambulance.

Yes, you read that right, an ambulance. Now, before you start speculating about whether they’ve swapped goading tech house DJs about their floral shirts or claiming all sound technicians are reincarnations of Saddam Hussein, for a career in paramedics, it’s not what you think. They haven’t thrown in the towel or retrained as emergency response professionals. They’ve actually done something much crazier than that and converted an ambulance into a fully mobile, VOID-powered festival stage.

Having driven the ambulance across five different countries so far, the Wunderground Rescue stage has been bringing some of the brightest emerging talents in the dance music scene to some of the best festivals on the continent and letting them play to the crowd through the greatest sound system known to man. So, we’ve decided to chip in by picking the cream of the crop and featuring them as our Ibiza Club News Emerging Artists.

Earlier this week we spoke with London DJ Keith Hunter. Keith is a DJ with a wealth of knowledge, having spent the last fifteen years perfecting his craft in many of London’s best-respected clubs, with a number of festival appearances under his belt this year it looks like all of his hard work and dedication is finally starting to pay off.

You’ve been selected as an ICN emerging artist, tell us about your journey to where you are today?

It’s been a long journey, with many ups and downs. But, I now seem to be turning the corner and starting to play some of the venues and events I could only dream about before. When dreams come true, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. Things have changed from when I first started. Everyone wants to be a DJ and it’s been made more accessible. Which, in general, is good for the scene. However, I think one thing you can’t buy is the ability to be a quality selector of music.

What words of wisdom would you give to other artists who want to do the same?

If it’s something you truly love, never give up! There are so many obstacles, that can serve as easy excuses but, when you love it, it never feels like work at all.

Talk to us about the set you put together, how did you prepare, what do you like about it and what can our listeners expect?

To be honest, I never plan a set, I let my set be guided by the current situation or the vibe in the room! There was a point when it started to rain and get cloudy and that instantly changed my direction. A crew of hard core ravers emerged from the darkness and danced through the rain and built a crowd. Those are the special moments you never forget and live for.

This set was recorded in the Wunderground Rescue ambulance, tell us how that was?

Not my first time in an ambulance, but certainly the first time I have played out in one. It was such a great day and certainly drew a lot of attention! It was great hanging out with the other artists and engaging with the crowd. The Wundergound team have been amazing in helping take that next step and I look forward to our upcoming parties.

In your opinion, as a DJ, how important is it to have a good sound system when creating a vibe at a party?

There are many elements that, when combined, create the perfect party: the sound system is one of those essential elements. The moment you walk into a venue and you feel the bass pass through your internal organs, you know you have arrived at a great venue.

Out of all the club sound systems you’ve played on, what’s been your favourite? 

I have played on more bad setups than good! But genuinely, the best sound system I have played on was in a club called Hide in Mayfair, London. I think it’s now closed, unfortunately. They had a Void setup and the sound in the booth and dance floor was so clear, but full! You could really appreciate the craftsmanship of the songs played.

What is the one piece of kit you always make sure to have at your gigs?

I always take a pocket torch. Some DJ booths are so dark, I can just about see my hands, let alone the mixer.

What are the top 3 tracks you are playing at the minute?

Where can our readers see you play in the coming weeks/months?

Elrow Town – London, Southport Weekender – London, Hï Ibiza , Rye Society – London.