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Ibiza Club News Rumour Mill: What’s Going On With Sankeys?

For some people, winter is all about cold and crisp morning air, comfy nights in on the sofa, hot chocolate and marshmallows or sitting in front of a blazing hot fire while listening to the rain beating down on your windows. Not us however, that stuff bores us half to death if we’re being honest, here at Ibiza Club New HQ we’re far more into putting our ears to the grapevine and hearing the Chinese whispers that make up the Ibiza winter rumour mill while we count the days to next Summer. November’s not even one week old yet and already we’re hearing some absolute corkers. So, what better way to keep all of our wonderful readers informed on what’s going on on the island than with the introduction of our brand new rumour mill feature.

Today we were looking to Playa d’en Bossa’s most uderutilised asset, Sankeys. As has been the case for the last couple of winters, no one really knows what is going on at Sankeys but, whatever it is, the club can’t afford to have another season as quiet as they did this year. So it would make perfect sense to see some pretty big changes going on behind the scenes there for the coming season. With all of that being said, it’s no surprise that people are already gossiping and starting to speculate about what is going to happen there next summer and one thing that we keep hearing is that the club is set for yet another new owner. It’s easy to forget that up until very recently Sankey’s was hosting some of the busiest nights on the island, Solomun’s Neon Nights and Steve Lawler’s Warriors to name just two, and surely it wouldn’t take much for someone to come in and make the right moves to help get the club back to its glory days and regain it’s status as one of the island’s “must visit clubs”.

As is always the case with Ibiza rumours, time will tell if there’s any substance to them or not but this is definitely one that we’re going to be keeping a close eye on over the next three or four months and we’re expecting more details to start trickling through either way very soon.

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Have you got any Ibiza rumours of your own? Are you privy to some top secret insider information? Or if you’d like to let us know that you think our rumours are full of shit. Whatever you’re thinking, why not let us know in our comments section or send us a message.

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