For our readers who aren’t familiar with you, can you summarise yourself and what you play in a few sentences?

Simple, I play Breaks or Breakbeat music, it can go off in to Progressive and 2 Step Garage light vibes, or into full blown bass in ya face rave style acid jungle techno but all around the 130-135 BPM all great for the Gym.

Let’s get straight to the good stuff. If our readers wanted to listen to 5 tracks that describe your vibes, what are the 5 tracks you would offer up? 

Tiesto – Drifting

Phrentic – The Drummer

Ondamike – Funky

DJ Zinc – 138 Trek

Angie Brown, EchoFly, Beyond Therapy – Higher

What is your favourite thing about DJing in 2023?

Having the technology finally catching up with my mind and allow me to do crazy random mixes. 

What’s your least favourite thing about DJing in 2023?

The business side and paperwork admin, no more cash in hand all legit.

Okay. I need you to invent something for me that relates to the music scene. It can be a gadget, a tool, a product, a new law…. the world is your oyster. (Tip: Think about what dance music needs, or what you think is missing, and invent that)

Thought activated sound and light control, so if you think of a couple of tracks or samples that work and the light show with it, to get it out ya head an into real life would be a winner, winner Chicken dinner.

Coolest place you’ve ever played?

For the British Ambassador next to the Nile in Sudan.

Longest set you’ve ever done?

12 hours, I was sitting down for some of it.

At the end of this interview, we’re going to drop a mix from you. Why should readers listen? And what kind of person will like it? 

So, I play cross generational music, samples recycled, re-used so just like Lego it’s for 8-80 years. I will bet that when people hear it and never thought they liked Breaks before, there will be parts they nod their head, tap their foot, sing along or even fist pump.

Look into the future. Give us a prediction for 2024? What kind of stuff is going to happen that we should know about?

Breaks will be back in the more mainstream, and breakdancing in the Olympics.  

Finally, where can we find you?