For our readers who aren’t familiar with you, can you summarise yourself and what you play in a few sentences?

My name Kiril, DJ and Producer, originally from Bulgaria, based in Lisbon, Portugal and I’m exploring everything Groovy House – Classic, Tech House, Afro House

Let’s get straight to the good stuff. If our readers wanted to listen to 5 tracks that describe your vibes, what are the 5 tracks you would offer up? 

There’s so much good music out there it’s hard to choose only 5. Something I’ve been digging into recently:

Barbatuques – Baianá (Jack Back Club Remix)

BRODYR – Cherry Lime Haze (Unreleased)

Dean Mickoski, Capri – Aleraya

Vivo, Daniel Zitrin – Berum

Low Steppa & Reigns – Back To Love

What is your favourite thing about DJing in 2023?

The chills I get, every time I’m behind the decks and see the crowd vibing to the sounds I bring to them. It’s one of the best feelings an artist can experience

What’s your least favourite thing about DJing in 2023?

It must be the 1-hour sets – It’s too short. Hahaha

Okay. I need you to invent something for me that relates to the music scene. It can be a gadget, a tool, a product, a new law…. the world is your oyster. (Tip: Think about what dance music needs, or what you think is missing, and invent that)

I would create a booking App/Platform where DJs, Booking agents and Promoters can enroll respectively check calendars/ offers and book artists – this way no double bookings can happen, and everything is out in the open. This could be extremely beneficial for the upcoming artists who are just “taking off” and their managers take every single gig possible.

Coolest place you’ve ever played?

Few years ago, I played at a cliff with a view over the Black sea in Bulgaria, during a sunrise – it was one of the most epic experiences, scary, but epic.

Longest set you’ve ever done?

Back in the day when I started, 15 years ago, I was a multi-genre DJ, playing private parties – and one of those parties went for 19 hours…..it was mental

At the end of this interview, we’re going to drop a mix from you. Why should readers listen? And what kind of person will like it? 

If one is into the groovy tech house, will definitely enjoy it – It’s a live recording of my opening set at Kremlin, Lisbon – the best club for electronic music here. It’s a journey from an empty dance floor to a packed club with people having the best time. It’s a set that represents me quite well.

Look into the future. Give us a prediction for 2024? What kind of stuff is going to happen that we should know about?

The Return of the Legends – this is how I would title 2024. A lot of the Old-school DJs and Producers are coming back and coming back strongly, and this excites me a lot because when I was a child I used to lookup to them and be like “wooooow” and now I actually have the chance to meet them or chat with them.

The other thing people should look for is the sustainable, eco-conscious raving – things are changing and changing fast, and we at Ocean of House, being part of it, makes us extremely excited for the bright future of plastic-free, eco-friendly partying.

Finally, where can we find you?