For our readers who aren’t familiar with you, can you summarise yourself and what you play in a few sentences?

I am a DJ, producer, inventor and pilot who emerged from the underground club scene. I have DJed all over the world playing the main rooms at clubs like Pacha Ibiza, Ministry of Sound and headlining Hi Ibiza. Also known as the man behind the BodySonic dancefloor found in Fabric London where I was also closely involved in the design of the club’s legendary original sound system in room one.

Let’s get straight to the good stuff. If our readers wanted to listen to 5 tracks that describe your vibes, what are the 5 tracks you would offer up? 

Raxon – Doom

Paige – Breathwork

The Smiths – How Soon Is Now (Maceo Plex Remix)

Artbat – Artefact

Citizen Kane – Ghosts & Shadows

What is your favourite thing about DJing in 2023?

No COVID restrictions and being able to play internationally again!

What’s your least favourite thing about DJing in 2023?

Phones on dancefloors and the queues at immigration now England has left the EU.

Okay. I need you to invent something for me that relates to the music scene. It can be a gadget, a tool, a product, a new law…. the world is your oyster. (Tip: Think about what dance music needs, or what you think is missing, and invent that)

How about the BodySonic dancefloor as found at Fabric?

Coolest place you’ve ever played?

So many clubs to choose from over the years but I guess the two that really stand out are Hi Ibiza and The Cross in London.

Longest set you’ve ever done?

I did a 12 hour set where I played the whole night at a club in Brighton, I love long sets but that one nearly killed me.

At the end of this interview, we’re going to drop a mix from you. Why should readers listen? And what kind of person will like it? 

It’s the sort of mix that only really beautiful and intelligent people will like 🙂 But seriously, it’s a selection of only the finest melodic techno so if that is your cup of tea you will enjoy it.

Look into the future. Give us a prediction for 2024? What kind of stuff is going to happen that we should know about?

2024 is going to be very interesting. The last couple of years have been like a forest fire in clubland with a lot of clubs, promoters and festivals getting burnt and going under but there are new shoots of growth coming through with clubs like the Drumsheds (15,000 capacity) opening up. So overall the future is bright and I can’t wait to see the new venues, festivals and club nights that are coming our way. 

Finally, where can we find you?