Introducing: Nitetales

Ibiza Club News Radio has been bubbling around in the background for quite a few weeks now. Testing, plotting, dancing to ourselves, preparing for a long winter of great music leading into hopefully the return of summer in 2021. As we celebrate our official launch, it’s time to get to know the residents. This time around, we chat to Nitetales…

Hey! Nice to meet you. What’s your name?


What made you want to be a DJ?

I’ve grown up around music so it was a natural process to collect and want to share that music. When I started listening to Global Underground cds in my teens I loved the story creation in the mixes. When I heard Sasha’s Ibiza CD I was hooked.

I love what club culture stands for and when you see the reaction of a crowd from music you play it is unmatched.

What are your top 5 tunes EVER? We’ll be secretly judging you, so they better be good.

Whats your favourite club and why?

Space Ibiza. The place had magic to it. I loved that each area had its own vibe.

Tell us your favourite thing about being a DJ?

Sharing music with others. I like sequence so putting music together is really therapeutic.

What advice have you been given in life that you found useful?

Some things are just out of your control and always treat people the way you want to be treated yourself.

Lockdowns have been awful for dance music, if you had to make a bet – how do you see 2021 playing out?

I think smaller gigs will start to run again with a focus on quality acts rather than hype djs. Since touring may slow I’m hoping residencies will become big again.

Where is the best place for people to check out your music?


Tell us about this months mix?

There is a new track of mine that I built this mix around.
It’s a cover of an old track and I’m very excited about it!

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