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Introducing: Paul Unkel

Introducing: Paul Unkel

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Ibiza Club News Radio has been bubbling around in the background for quite a few weeks now. Testing, plotting, dancing to ourselves, preparing for a long winter of great music leading into hopefully the return of summer in 2021. As we celebrate our official launch, it’s time to get to know the residents. This time around, we chat to Paul Unkel…

Hey! Nice to meet you. What’s your name?

Paul Unkel

What made you want to be a DJ?

The passion for the music, that there is a universal language, and connect with the crowd, make the link between the tracks and the equipment with them, feel the magic connection, and give them the best time ever had.

What are your top 5 tunes EVER? We’ll be secretly judging you, so they better be good.

Jeff Mills – The Bells
Plastikman – Spastik
Toxic Two – Rave Generation
Joey Beltram – Life Force
Ben Klock – Subzero

Whats your favourite club and why?

Space Ibiza, I love so much my little island, I’ve been there when I was a teenager.
Amnesia Ibiza. I’ve been there a 1000 times, I love it
EGG London, I spent more than 10 years there, clubbing and playing in the main room with amazing Djs.

There are a lot of clubs around the world, which I’ve been there, I will be give names and amazing memories it is an endless list

Tell us your favourite thing about being a DJ?

Meeting new people, places, and amazing and crazy experiences

What advice have you been given in life that you found useful?

Follow and live your dreams, we live once and no one know when will be finish, enjoy today as the last day

Lockdowns have been awful for dance music, if you had to make a bet – how do you see 2021 playing out?

Bad so bad, maybe worse than 2020, I would like to make a mistake, but you can see some Countries, that there are more infected people, it is a nightmare.

Where is the best place for people to check out your music?


Tell us about this months mix?

I feel so proud about my last Mix, I always give the best of myself, but this time, I choose some really good techno tracks and producers, there are two tracks on the mix, which I love it, one of them, Thunder Original mix Gaga, Mateo and Go ahead by Paul Unkel amazing tracks, this time I made the mix at my Bedroom, no one bother me, a cold beers 0,0 Alcohol hahahaha feel conferrable.

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