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Introducing: Sass

Introducing: Sass

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Ibiza Club News Radio has been bubbling around in the background for quite a few weeks now. Testing, plotting, dancing to ourselves, preparing for a long winter of great music leading into hopefully the return of summer in 2021. As we celebrate our official launch, it’s time to get to know the residents. This time around, we chat to Sass…

Hey! Nice to meet you. What’s your name?


What made you want to be a DJ?

I’ve always loved music, that’s definitely a given and when I got into my later teens I discovered house and trance, and that was it, I fell in love. I started buying the Ministry Of Sound compilations and always listened in to the parts that were getting mixed and thought it was super cool to be able to transition tracks and make them into your own little thing for a bit. And when I hit the clubs, I was always interested in what the DJ was doing so the idea of becoming one myself started to sound very appealing, so I bit the bullet and bought my first decks and have not looked back since! It’s become a huge passion and pretty much ingrained in me.

What are your top 5 tunes EVER? We’ll be secretly judging you, so they better be good.

I’m going to give you my top 5 tracks that are all about 3-4 years old and have left a lasting impact and inspired my direction in sound.

1. Alok & Sevenn – BYOB
2. Groove Delight – The Voices
3. Drezo – Malice
4. Time – Illusionize & Shapeless
5. Goosebumps (Matroda Remix) Travis Scott

BYOB was a big one, and my debut single ‘Make It (Ah Ah)’ drew inspiration from that track and some other ‘Brazilian Bass’ artists I was digging at the time as well as a bit of that ‘Deep House/Garage’ sound I was phasing out of. ‘Brazilian Bass’ marked a new beginning for my changing sound from ‘Electro House/Big Room’ and ‘Deep House/Garage’. When I discovered Brazilian Bass, I instantly found myself in it, it had a lot of the elements of the above genres I liked in one. Artists like Groove Delight, Shapeless, Illusionize as well as Cat Dealers, VINNE were also all ‘Brazilian Bass’ artists that were big inspirations. Groove Delight and another artist ‘Devochka’ were pushing the boundaries between psy-trance and house and I absolutely loved that because I had a soft spot for psy-trance – those deep rolling bass lines always got me and that’s basically where the inspiration for one of my biggest tracks to date ‘Human Acceptance’ came from.

Drezo was another artist that hugely inspired me, I loved he’s deep dark bass and unique sound, and he was releasing banger after banger, him and Matroda are probably one of my most referenced artists I turn to when I’m making music. I discovered Matorda with he’s remix of Goosebumps and was an instant WOW for me – the drop really resonated, and the guy’s pretty much been smashing it ever since and is in my top 5 producers at the moment!\_official/sets/top-5-tracks-that-inspired-my/s-CFEglnmzv3k

Whats your favourite club and why?

My favourite club here in Sydney is Civic Underground, where I regularly play for an event called ‘Deeper Than House’ [in featured image]. The nightclub is very intimate and when you DJ you really feel the crowd, there’s a dance floor in the middle where you have to walk down a few stairs and then a surrounding dance floor, so because its very well layered, you can see everyone on the dance floor, back, front, mid and side! Haha And what makes the vibe even more special is the particular event I play at as mentioned above, attracts awesome crowds who are there to enjoy the music and always bring positive vibes!

Tell us your favourite thing about being a DJ?

Walking off a set and getting feedback from the crowd that you’ve just made their night and they had an amazing time to your set is up there and what drives me to push myself to do the best I can! One night, I finished a set at the club I just mentioned, and because it’s underground, when you walk upstairs, it’s a pub area with a bar, sitting and smoking area outside – its where the punters go to get a breather usually. So I finished my set etc, then went upstairs and there was a whole bunch of punters there that when they saw me walk up, they all started clapping because of the set I just did, and that was a special moment I’ll always remember.

What advice have you been given in life that you found useful?

One thing that’s stuck with me lately is ‘don’t focus on the %1’ because the process is more important than the outcome and focusing on the %1 will slow down your progress. This was important for me to hear as I tend to be an overthinker and over analyse so I get stuck in the little things for too long – like tweaking that hat for days. Haha But basically, it’s getting comfortable with the idea that even though you’re finished track might not be ‘perfect’, the more you do the better you will get, rather then getting stuck on one for too long, which will slow down your learning.

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Lockdowns have been awful for dance music, if you had to make a bet – how do you see 2021 playing out?

I feel like things will move slowly but my bet is that by mid 2021 things will start to go back to normal with a lot more events with less restrictions but for DJs – more local gigs than international. Let’s hope by the end of it, we can be in full force again.

Where is the best place for people to check out your music?

Best place would probably be on my Soundcloud where you can find any track and mix available on there. Most of my tracks are on my Spotify too.

You can check them out here:

Tell us about this months mix?

I loved the way this mix came together, as always, coordination for my mixes is super important to me and its such a great feeling when you can download all your favourite tracks at the time and find them all working well together and being able to create a journey with them. I do this with all of my mixes and its just luck of the draw when at the given time you sometimes just have a better set of tracks then other times, and that’s the part that’s out of my control but in the hands of what’s out there at the time that I search! Haha I found the last few mixes before this one were a more heavier, upbeat version of me and that’s just again what I was digging most at the time, with this one I found more that were back to my more deeper but still punchy sound.

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