In the midst of the seasonal debauchery, we slid an invite under Ben’s door, asking him to perform in Ibiza at the notorious Cafe Del Mar. Get ready for the full Ben Caballero experience as he takes the helm, navigating you through the famous Cafe Del Mar sunset hour. Dive in right here…


After Ben’s killer show, we grabbed a front-row seat to chat about the standout tracks he’d included in his set. Let’s spill the musical tea

NOTO (IT) – Diplomatico

A track that is a floor heater. Feel like this one works for various moods because it has some catchy chords and percs but also a good bass to start moving the body. You can have a drink and chill but also has the energy to get you moving

Middleground – Focus

To continue with some housey chords, “Focus” is another one that stayed on my tracklists for the summer. Love the vibe on those vocals, hypnotic at some point but a fresh vibe overall and inviting to dance too

PAAX – El Uno

This one has a bass groove that I like specially at moments when I want to spice the mix a bit more, keep the heat increasing. Steady rhythms and a funky jumpy bass. Usually fine basses with PAAX

Juli De Alonso – Get Money

Love the percs on this one. Quite a vibe, one to keep them feet moving with a very particular swing on the rhythmic side and some mistery on its buildups. It has the elements for a nice techy party in the island

Freenzy Music, GREG (BR) – La Luna

This particular one I kept on loop for some time, probably one of the ones I played the most in 2023. Again one with the cool percs and those vocals are meant to stay rent free on your head. Love how the drops hit and a bass that gets heads bouncing

Elias R, Jonathan Jaramillo – My Head

Going into darker moods with “In My Head”, it has a trippy journey, usually one I play more at afters but “Emergency Loop” kicked in and had to pull this one earlier (and a little out in the mix), the groove sets an after vibe with a heavy tech flavor.

Wasabi – I Love U

Back with the housey vibe vocals, this one comes with some pianos in the break to chill things up before some bouncy bass shows up at the drop and keeps things pushing on with its rhythmics

Joel Cantone – Groove to This

Another one with the groovy bassline. General vibe overall is fresh but you gotta love the bass on this one. The percussions get along with the whole track so good. Quite versatile too

Ki Creighton – Jessie´s Joint (Ben Caballero Remix)

To close the summer at Ibiza I had to add a song with a house flavor, piano chords and a powerful voice. This one is a very special track for me and also a milestone so it had to be in the list of a special set


NOTO (IT) – Diplomatico (Original Mix)

Middleground – Focus (Extended Mix)

PAAX – El Uno (Original Mix)

Juli De Alonso – Get Money (Original Mix)

Freenzy Music, GREG (BR) – La Luna (Original Mix)

Elias R, Jonathan Jaramillo – My Head (Original Mix)

Wasabi – I Love U ( Remastered ) (Original Mix)

Joel Cantone – Groove to This (Extended Mix)

Ki Creighton – Jessie´s Joint (Ben Caballero Remix)