Amidst the buzz of this year’s season, we dispatched a golden ticket to Emily, inviting her to spin at the iconic Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza. Get ready for the complete EMILY experience as she takes charge of the decks, guiding you through a journey across the realms of house music. Dive into here…


Once Emily left finished up, we secured a prime spot to unravel the secrets behind her performance. We honed in on the tracks she was keen to showcase. Here’s what she shared…

GOSSO – My Clap Stevie

I chose this track for the beginning of the set. The track is chill but at the same time groovy. I find it good for the introduction to the set

Julian Fijma – The Way (Jesse Jacob Remix)

This tracks adds a fresh and innovative twist to the original song. 

Tomi & Kesh – Dance To My Beat

This is an uplifting song that combines elements of pop, dance, and electronic music

Bletran (BR) – Sweet Sensation

A confident and smooth singing style adds an infectious charm to the overall song and jumpy bass line

Dot N Life – Jenny From The Block

I like this remix. It combines old school RNB music mixed with electronic music. It makes me feel very nostalgic.I used to listen to RNB when I was younger.

Franklyn Watts,  Jesse Bravo – So Seductive

The song has a smooth melody. It’ a captivating and alluring track that combines elements of alternative R&B and modern pop

Don’t Blink – Dance With You

It has a bit more mean groove and is characetized by energetic beat. The song features catchy melodies, vibrant electronic instrumentals, and a pulsating rhythm that is sure to get people moving


GOSSO – My Clap Stevie

Julian Fijma – The Way (Jesse Jacobs Remix)

Tomi & Kesh – Dance To My Beat

Bletran (BR) – Sweet Sensation

Omar Svenson & YMR – Sweet Times

Murphy’s Law – Ain’t No Other Man Rework

Tomi & Kesh – Get Crazy

Dont N Life – Jenny From The Block

Maestro  –  Like This

Franklyn Watts,  Jesse B – So Seductive

Don’t Blink – Dance With Me

All For One – Taking The Shot

GIORG – Fck Da Groove

John Summit – In Chicago