This season, we invited CLAIN to spice up Ibiza with an exclusive live set, thanks to our friends at Sole Wave, the island’s premium sneaker store. Immerse yourself in CLAIN’s skillful journey through progressive techno. Check it out here:


Following CLAIN’s outstanding set, we took a moment to chat and delve into his performance. Our conversation with him focused on highlighting some standout tracks from his set. Here’s what he had to say…

Beckers – Switch (Beckers 2014 Remix)

This stands out as an electronic masterpiece. The track’s precision and sophistication in production make it one of the best, with hypnotic beats and nuanced melodies creating an exhilarating sonic journey

First ID (Unreleased)

New project 🙂

Vintage Culture,The Vic, Bhaskar & Meca – Tina

So effective, always good to play it.

Andre Winter – Congrats

Timeless gem with groundbreaking sound design. Even at its release, the track showcased Winter’s innovative approach to sonic craftsmanship. The meticulous sound design creates an immersive experience.

Bontan – The First Time

mesmerizing blend of pulsating beats and nuanced soundscapes

Paul Ritch – Run Baby Run

Reminding me of a festival in 2012 where I played it, I forgot the name. It’s an electrifying techno anthem that surges with relentless energy

Elektrochemie vs. Tiger Stripes – Pleasure Seeker vs Me & I

Captivating collision of electronic mastery. The track melds the best of both Elektrochemie’s and Tiger Stripes’ worlds, resulting in a landscape that’s both darkly seductive and rhythmically entrancing.

Clain – On Monday

One of my first releases


Beckers – Switch (Beckers 2014 Remix)

Arodes – Storm


Vintage Culture,The Vic, Bhaskar & Meca – Tina

Oxia – 12 Years Later


Andre Winter – Congrats

Bontan  The First Time

Clain – On Monday (Groovy Mix)

Paul Ritch – Run Baby Run

Ben Lb – Olympics 

Hansol – Take Me Back

Elektrochemie vs. Tiger Stripes – Pleasure Seeker vs Me & I

Pavel Petrov, Rafael Cerato – Reflections

Space 92 – Gravity

Andrewboy – Journey