During this season’s celebrations, we reached out to His. Creator., inviting him to perform a live set in Ibiza at the renowned sneaker hotspot, Sole Wave. Experience the entire set as he takes you on an enthralling musical adventure. Listen in below…


After His. Creator.’s remarkable show, we took some time to sit with him and explore his set in detail. Our discussion centered on highlighting several exceptional tracks from his performance. Here’s what he shared with us…

“Kiss me again” – Citizen Kain

Once we reach track 3 in the mix, things kick off with a bang, “Kiss Me Again” by Citizen Kain is a track that has found a permanent home on my USB. The soundscapes created by Citizen Kain are nothing short of magic on the dancefloor. His ability to weave, layer, and combine sounds results in a dark and powerful soundscape that always gets hands in the air and people pulling that bass face. This was from the first EP on his label Unseen.

“What” (Original Mix) – Yet More & Assayag

Another track featuring in the mix is from the French producer Yet More with “What.” This track, on the label Siamese, is raw, characterful, groovy, with a punk-like attitude that’s impossible to ignore. I’ve been rinsing many of his tracks this year, shout out to Teymour for consistently delivering the goods! 

“The Way” (Original Mix) – His. Creator

2023 was the year I finished “The Way,” and I’ve been putting it to the test in some of my sets. It all started with an energetic crowd chant that I felt gave something different and could fit in a dancefloor arrangement. I aimed to break away from the typical moulds of melodic techno.

“The Dancefloor” (Original Mix) – His. Creator

“The Dancefloor” holds a special place in my heart, as it features the voice of my fiancé. This collab effort started with an intense driving loop and gradually evolved into something open and atmospheric. The lyrics came together quickly in the studio, resulting in a track that’s both powerful and personal.

“Don’t Care Anymore” (Original Mix) – Jamek Ortega, MAXI MERAKI, Samm (BE)

Closing out the mix is the enchanting “Don’t Care Anymore,” featuring a piano sample that dance music enthusiasts may recognize from tracks like Dense and Pika’s “Colt.” This 2023 edit brings an organic and afro vibe to it, tugging at heartstrings. This one featured a few times in my live sets in 2023 and is a vibe


Turn the Light On (Skala Remix) – Stereo MC’s, Rodriguez Jr.

Fureur Apache (original mix) – Darlyn Vlys

Kiss Me Again (original mix) – Citizen Kain

Just Like That – Tenvin

Dance With Ibiza – Ugo Banchi

What (original mix) – Yet More & Assayag

The Way (original mix) – His. Creator

Body Shots (Ango Tamarin remix) – Idris Elba

Candyflip – Oliver Koletzki

LA 2052 (Citizen Kain remix) – Rinzen

The Dancefloor (original mix) – His. Creator

Don’t Care Anymore (original mix) – Jamek Ortega, MAXI MERAKI, Samm (BE)