During this season’s celebrations, we dared Miss Gabrielle to come and perform a live set in Ibiza at the renowned sneaker hotspot, Sole Wave. She not only said yes but decided to crank up the mischief by bringing CAMZ into the mix. Stop twiddling your thumbs and hit play below…


After the exceptional first half of the set by CAMZ, we seized a moment to sit down and explore her performance. Our conversation with her involved shining a spotlight on a few highlight tracks from their set. Here’s what she shared…

Menesix, Iara (BR) – Amor Essencial

Love the lyrics and the Balearic feel, perfect way to kickstart a set during a hot afternoon in Ibiza! (‘beautiful people, the lights, the music, the DJ, love it..

Soldera, Savage Roses, Helô Ribeiro – O Rio

The producer Soldera is a good friend of mine, and this song takes you back to the Brazilian forest and nature, a real Trip!

CAMZ – Saudade

My Nervous Records release, that talks about Saudade, if you don’t know what it means, listen to the track. 😉 

Trallez – French Desire

A cheeky one from one of my favourite producers right now Trallez

Brisotti – Brazilian Groovy

Brisotti, like me, loves incorporating pure Brazilian beats into tech house. I often play his tunes

Marian (BR) – Drums Power

A very powerful track from Marian, almost a call to our ancestors. I get chills when I play this live

OldChild – Nossa Música

Another producer making noise in Brazil and out. Bossa Nova vibes! 

RBZ & Sudden Heat – Dessa Vida

This track samples Marcelo D2’s ‘Desabafo’, which I used to listen to a lot during my teenage years

Lowderz, ENNE (BR) – Aquele Abraço

The real flavour of Rio with a nod to the master Tim Maia


Following a chat with CAMZ, we took a moment to sit down with Miss Gabrielle and delve into her performance. Here’s the inside scoop on what she shared…

Bryte x Gafacci – I Like Your Girlfriend

I have been a bit low key obsessed with Gafacci and his seamless bridge between electronic & afrobeat rhythms for a while now. I ran a half marathon for Quick As Thieves here in Melbourne to raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation with many of my local dance music colleagues a while back and my training often included listening to Gafacci’s mixes in my earphones during runs. I reached out and told him and thanked him for the motivation and he was so lovely and thanked me for inspiring him a lot right at that moment too, so I had to kick off with one of his tracks. I can certify that it always pumps up the energy in a set to chuck some Gafacci in there.

Juls & Sango – Angele Ni Fie

Love this, again a little lick of the afro/amapiano tip but at the same time, juicy, jazzy, saxxy, housey, deliciousness. Mmm mmm.


Why are we all here in Ibiza anyway? For the CONGAAAAA to be honest 😉 This track beautifully bridges between polyrhythmic organic percussions and a kinda electro techno dub echo verb not organic at all feel, and I think it’s quite clever in the way it ebbs back and forth between those elements of very natural to very electronic, feels almost naughty in it’s cheeky builds up between the two, and the little tarzan like HOOO sound just before a drop really appeals to me so much too. Big love all round for this one

Damn Sam – Aye Papi

This funky little number grooves between electro swing, jazzy tech house, break beat, fun for all the family, and it was a family affair up in Solewave this day as you can see! 

Max Dean – Impressed

This one is a steamy tech house groove and I love the message in it-be yourself! You are unique! Plus all the saucy stuff in between hehe.

CC:Disco & Confidence Man – Out Of Your Mind

Definitely wanted to feature some Australian women on the list and queen CC is such a role model and great human. I am totally loving her productions which she’s just started putting out this year and I could not go past squeezing one of them in! Confidence Man is always fun too.

IN2STELLAR – Body Beat

Again local Melbourne girls and incredible supportive humans, In2Stellar had a new track out just as I was arriving to Ibiza and I think it’s a banger so it had o go in there too! Big ups to In2Stellar we love you girls. 

Late Replies – What The Funk

Love the minimal groove juxtaposed with the warm funky vocals on this one. Tasty treat!

Piem, Richard Ulh – Desire

You’re all getting to know me by now; I love these tracks with enough groove to get down and some cheeky filthy lyrics drizzled on top. This one is no exception.

Wamdue Project – King of My Castle

This has been and is a favourite of mine since I was going out clubbing, sneaking in underage, and that’s a minute or two ago given I’m 40 now. I love when a track stays strong for that long and I can share the joy of it with young punters who weren’t even born when I was first out dancing to it, and this track is definitely one of those. It has popped into my playlists many times over the years so I was thrilled to hear this delicious lick of a 2023 makeover thanks to Purple Disco Machine no less. It always peps me up- the lyric is like a joyful melody of self affirmation, very freeing, felt like the perfect message to give myself at the end of this little dream set, my first time playing out in public in Ibiza.