Octan Ibiza Add 20+ DJs To Closing Party lineup

Earlier this month we brought you news of Octan Ibiza’s closing party on Sunday 6 October. We told you about a lineup consisting of Darius Syrossian, Steve Lawler, Leon, Wade, East End Dubs, Lauren Lo Sung, ANOTR, Reelow, Lindsey Matthews and Kellie Allen. We were already pretty excited about it, it seemed like a fitting way to end their first season, but we thought they might still have a couple of tricks up their sleeve to spice it up a little.

Well, today we can confirm, they didn’t just have a couple of tricks up their sleeve, they had an entire David Copperfield magic show up there, and they’ve only gone and added a whole stack of DJs to the lineup.

The lineup that we previously reported will be on duties in the Basement but we now know the Lab will also be open, with sets from Apollonia, Traumer, Nicolas Lutz, D’Julz, Clive Henry B2B Ryan O’Gorman and Stephan Ghenacia. Meanwhile, Spectre will also be in full swing, with Chelina Manuhutu, Stefano Noferini, Anna Tur, Denis A, Jordan Masters, Scardua, Paul Compson, Bonifacy and Weatherman.

As if three rooms of music wasn’t enough, the Team at Octan are going even further and will also have DJs on the Terrace. Here you’ll be able to catch Camilo Miranda, TooFine, Christian Len, Jay Green and Karlos Sense. Then, just to round things off nicely, they’re also having a party in the loo, with the WC MicroRave hosted by U OK HUN with sets from Smythy + Dave, BEGGSEY B2B Kristian, Cami jones, Destiny Maglorie, Hayley Zalassi, Jack Bruce, Keith Fortune, Omar Meho and Summer Ghemati.

This event will be kicking off at 7pm and running for a cool twelve hours all the way through to 7am. If you want to attend, we highly recommend you get your tickets nice and early to avoid disappointment on the night. You can get yours here now.

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