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Revealed Recordings Brings Massive Night Event At Ade 2022 Hosted At Hotel Arena

Revealed Recordings Brings Massive Night Event At Ade 2022 Hosted At Hotel Arena

Castor & Pollux

Hey Ibiza Club News Fam, this is the twin DJ/Producer duo from NYC, Castor & Pollux where we have an awesome ADE recap for you! This time we give you an inside look at the Revealed Recordings ADE Night that took place on Saturday October 22nd. We covered the event and also did another part of the Artist on Artist Interview Series. A bit of background on us, we are twins from NYC where we have been producing our own music for 8 years and have been DJing for 3 years where we have played alongside proclaimed acts such as Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Alan Walker, Alesso and Zedd. We have also released our original productions on great labels such as Nexchapter and Turn It Up Muzik. 

Saturday of Amsterdam Dance Event was a big night as there were many parties and events going on but one of the biggest events of the night had to be Revealed Recordings where it was another sold out show at Hotel Arena. Revealed Recordings held their annual showcase for industry and fans for those looking to party till the early hours of the morning. The Chapel Room included: Special Guest Hardwell, Sick Individuals, Maddix, Dr. Phunk, Dada Life, Tim Hox, KAAZE KURA, Dastic, Vinnie and Jeffrey Sutorius and the Bunker Room included: Achilles, ANG, Pink Panda, ASCO, AVAO, Blackcode, Bonka, KDH, Lister, Olly James, Plastic Funk, Reggio, and Vessbroz.

When we arrived at the event around 11pm CET, we were just in time for Sick Individuals in The Chapel where they blended their big beats and progressive house melodies that quickly hooked in the crowd. They played their latest single ‘We Go Out’ with Alesso and ‘Fireflies’ with Nazzereene as well as a lot of unreleased IDs that we all know as fans will likely be on Revealed.

Photo Credit: Koen Akkermans

Once their set was over, we stayed in The Chapel to watch Dada Life’s set where it was very surprising to what we’re accustomed to. He incorporated a lot of big room techno tracks into his set where it was filled with a lot of energy for the crowd. With Dada Life, he didn’t forget his banana blow ups to throw out to fans to get them more hyped.

Photo Credit: Koen Akkermans

We then stayed in The Chapel once more for KAAZE where he brought his signature progressive style where he played ‘Your Body’ and ‘Whole Again’ with Steve Aoki and John Martin. With such a distinct style, KAAZE really brought the crowd together and has quickly cemented himself as a fan favorite providing a fresh perspective with his shimmering synths and chord progressions. He was definitely one of the top sets of the night!

Photo Credit: Koen Akkermans

But the one performance the entire crowd was waiting for, was the man, the myth, the legend, the man behind Revealed Recordings…Hardwell. When he got on the stage, you just felt the entire venue pack in The Chapel as he came out to his well known ‘Broken Mirror’ intro edit. He then proceeded to play another high energy set with his new signature big room techno sound. He played a lot of his own produced tracks from his latest album ‘Rebels Never Die’ as well as his new tracks and collaborations he has been playing out all summer. It was great to see Hardwell in his element, you can really see he feels more at home on the stage since he has taken his sabbatical and you can see he doesn’t hold back on really giving the crowd something unforgettable. This has been our 12th time seeing him live and every time he gets better and better, the fans we’re very happy to see the king take the throne once again. He gave the people everything and more and it was the highlight of the night to have the man behind Revealed perform for everyone in attendance.

Photo Credit: Koen Akkermans

To end the night, we went to go support our boys Bonka at The Bunker stage where they brought the Aussie vibes for the crowd. It was a perfect transition from going to Hardwell to Bonka as they kept the people moving and really got everyone to jump nonstop. They had the chance to bring out Reggio to perform their collaboration ‘Party Don’t Stop’ which was cool to see. All of the MC’ing helped with Bonka as it really kept the niche crowd into the party vibes as they were the surprise set of the night.

Lastly, We had the chance to sit down with Reggio for the Artists on Artists Interview Series to speak about what it was like being back at the Revealed night and so much more:

“It’s always amazing playing at ADE and being back at the Revealed Night is special. I’ve been playing at these ADE nights since 2017 so it’s like coming back home for me. I’m here ready to party and I’m looking to close this night with a bang.”

He then spoke on new music that he has in store for 2023 and what he has planned coming up:

“I’m always close to the Revealed Family and of course I’ll be releasing with them but I do have a new single with Actuation coming out soon who I’m working very closely with and I’m doing a bit of a switch to my sound going a bit more housy but always trying to give it the Reggio touch.”

Going off of that, we asked him about the switch in sound and what influenced that change in him:

“Hardwell is always a big impact in the scene and with his new sound coming out at Ultra is what made me want to make the switch in style because I played a tour in the US, I played in Chicago, Miami and New York which is why I wanted to try something different and I really enjoyed it. The US is a good market for more club vibe music since you can play it at any type of festival / events”

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We then discussed how dance music has changed and how as an artist when you feel it’s right to make changes within productions:

“I think it depends on how the music market landscape changes over time, you can always sense how fans and crowds are reacting to it. With big room, we had it since 2013 but now we’re in 2022 and you have to evolve. I still vibe to the big room stuff but I do believe music has cycles with house and techno being here for ages so you never know, big room can come back in a big way, we’ll just have to see in a few years.”

To end the interview, we asked how should up and coming producers approach trends:

“It depends on what type of career you want to take. If you want to be a touring DJ and a local DJ that produces, make what you enjoy, but if you really feel you want to make music and experiment, there is nothing wrong with challenging yourself with coming up with new ideas and evolve as an artist to create a new fan base to grow your brand further.”

All in all, Revealed put on another fantastic show for all of the fans in attendance and with all of the new talent that performed during this event, the future looks bright!

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