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San Antonio Nightclub Flooded With 80,000 Litres Of Water

OK, we’re willing to admit that this headline might have been just a little bit misleading, but even if it is, it’s still true, Es Paradis is flooded with 80,000 litres of water, not once, but twice a week for the now world-famous Fiesta del Agua.

There are a few parties in Ibiza that come with the “you have to do it at least once” tagline. Well, we’re actually more of the opinion that you should do them all at least once, just for the experience, but obviously, tastes and genres come into play and some people just won’t attend certain parties.

But, sometimes, the music on offer is not as important as the experience of the party and we can safely say this is the case with the Fiesta del Agua at Es Paradis. Now running for a mind-boggling forty years, the Fiesta del Aqua is as much a part of Ibiza as bread and aioli, San Antonio’s egg roundabout or even Es Vedra.

Well, maybe Es Vedra is pushing it a little bit, since it’s been there for hundreds of millions of years, but you get our drift, the Fiesta del Agua is and has always been an important part of the island’s clubbing landscape and if you’ve never been, we highly recommend you go and check it out the next time you’re on the island.

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Taking place every Sunday and Wednesday between now and 25 September, the Fiesta del Agua starts off like any other clubnight, as in not flooded with 80,000 litres of water, but at some point over the course of the night the taps are turned on and, all of a sudden, what once was a dancefloor, is transformed into a giant swimming pool.

If you want to attend the Fiesta del Agua you can get your tickets here now, but be sure to wear your normal clothes on the way in, there are lockers provided to make sure you keep them wet when things get wet later on. Music on the night will be provided by resident DJs Steeve Velverde and Johnny Docherty, making it one of the island’s true rite of passage nights out.

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