As much as we want to believe that our significant other is our one true soulmate and the only person we need when it comes to planning a little trip to Ibiza, it’s just not true. The fact is, you just can’t beat a good lads/girls holiday to the island. Trust us, we’ve tried both ways plenty of times and there’s something about being away with a group of mates rather than a partner that makes the holiday that little bit more special.

Unless of course, you’re the partner that’s been left behind for the week. For them, it’s going to be a pretty stressful time as they’ll be constantly worried about you being up to no good and finding yourself in places that you really shouldn’t be. So, in the interest of your partner’s mental health, it’s alright to tell them a few little white lies about your holiday, not to cover up what you’re actually doing, just to help put their mind at ease while you’re gone.

You’ll probably only go out once or twice

Telling your partner that you’ve only got one, or maybe two, big nights out in you will instantly have them feeling a little bit more relaxed about your trip, even if you know you’re going to be out as often as is physically possible.

You’re staying in the quiet part this time

You may well be planning to stay directly above your favourite bar in the West End, but your partner definitely doesn’t need to know that. Tell them there’s nothing but families and cute old couples in your hotel and they’ll automatically feel more relaxed about your holiday.

You’re on a strict budget

This needs a little bit of extra work. You’ll need to be doing some secret saving before you go. Tell your partner you’re only budgeting for €100 and they’ll be less concerned about you blowing your life savings and getting into trouble when, in reality, you’ll have more than enough squirreled away for the time of your life.

Be selective about who you’re going with

There’s always that one mate who you always get into trouble with. They’ll definitely be going to Ibiza with you, because they’re obviously the most fun of all your mates, but your partner doesn’t need to know this. Be selective about who they think you’re going with and give them some peace of mind, this might not even turn out to be a lie unless they specifically ask you if so and so is going. If they do, stay strong, and lie directly to their face. They’ll thank you for it in the long run.

You’ll be getting some sleep every night

Regardless of whether you plan on sleeping every night or not sleeping at all, you’ll need to make your partner believe that you’ll be sleeping every night. In their eyes, if you’re not ending every night in your own bed, you could be in anybody’s bed and that kind of paranoia just isn’t healthy for any relationship.

This will probably be your last time

If your partner thinks that this will be your Ibiza swansong, they’ll be far more likely to leave you to it, just to get it out of your system, even if you know you’ll be booking your flights for your next trip as soon as you get back. They’ll be so busy planning next year’s holiday to Lanzarote that they’ll be far too busy to be worried about you and how you’re getting on in Ibiza.

You’re going somewhere else

This is for those of you who have a partner who simply won’t be able to cope with the fact that you’re going to be in Ibiza without you. Save yourself a lot of hassle, and a lot of stress for them, by simply saying you’re going somewhere else for the week. There’s a ton of other places you can choose, all of which are likely to be more acceptable than Ibiza.

It’s actually a work trip

Did you know that Ibiza is quickly becoming a leading destination for conferences in a whole variety of different industries? Well, it’s not, but chances are your partner won’t know that, so tell them you’re off to Ibiza for a few days with work.

Note to reader: if you actually find yourself taking our advice on any of the above lies it might be time to have a good long think about where your relationship is going. It could be time to finally choose between Ibiza and your partner. Oh well, there’s always Tinder.