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The Tracks That Shape The Summer: Energy 52 – Café del Mar

Over the winter, we often get a little bit bummed out by the cold weather, lack of parties and general all-around boredom as we stare at the big Ibiza shaped hole that has been left in our lives during the offseason. So, in an attempt to fight off the winter blues, we’ve decided to take a nostalgic look back at some of the biggest tracks to light up the dancefloors of Ibiza over the years in our toe-tapping, hip thrusting, brand new feature; The Tracks That Shape The Summer.

What better place to start than with a track that will always be remembered as a true Ibiza classic and was even named after one of the island’s most recognisable bars. That’s right, we can only be talking about Energy 52’s Café del Mar.

Originally recorded by the German trance duo in 1993, Café del Mar would go on to get air time on radio waves and dance floors all over the world for the next five years. However, it was with its re-release in 1998, including a Nalin & Kane remix, that the track really found global fame, even making it into the UK Single Chart’s top twenty, with a highest ranking of number 12 in July of that year.

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So, just for a bit of extra nostalgia, here’s a little look back at what else was going on 1998. While most of us had probably never even heard of the internet and were still looking at porn in magazines we found in a hedge, Google was founded in California. To help make it run smoother, Microsoft had also just launched Windows 98, much improving the home computer experience for everyone involved.

It wasn’t all news from silicon valley, up the road in Washington Bill Clinton was denying having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, we beg to differ. While at home an unknown writer called J.K Rowling had just released her very first book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I heard she’s done alright out of it too. And last, but not least, the English national football team was busy getting knocked out of the World Cup in France on penalties, as per usual.

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