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This Brand New Energy Gel Has Just Changed The Rave Game Forever!

Who loves to rave but finds it tough to keep going for hours and hours on end? If this ticks your box, we’ve got the perfect ingredient to fix it.

After the massive announcement of one of the newest energy gels had landed on the planet, REVIBE, we were keen to know more know about what direction this product was going. Being recognized as one of the newest forms of energy intake, REVIBE has swiftly gained the eyes of many clubbers and festival-goers across the globe this summer including Cocoon In The Park, the fields of SW4, the first ever Full Moon Europe’s Sea Party, Gibraltar MTV Calling or even Bassfest for all the drum & bass heads.

From that, REVIBE gained some very good reputation delivering exactly what it says it was going to do! The gel consists of no alcohol, no caffeine, no toxins or anything bad at all! Resulting in you having complete organic energy, designed to refuel your body’s natural nutrients leaving you with no form of tiredness or badness the next day.

Leading into the winter season, the party certainly does not stop, and with that, you’re more than likely going to encounter a REVIBE gel along your raving journeys!

For more info on REVIBE, click here.

REVIBE – Every Ravers Dream

Raving at a festival when you're tired vs raving with a REVIBE💃🏻RAVERS, your prayers have been answered!REVIBE have created an energy gel designed to help you rave longer.Catch us at Gibraltar MTV Calling & Mint Festival Leeds this weekend🚀

Posted by REVIBE on Wednesday, 19 September 2018
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