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9 Easy Ways To Avoid PR’s Without Being Rude

9 Easy Ways To Avoid PR’s Without Being Rude


If you’ve ever been to Ibiza you’ll know it’s neigh on impossible to take more than two steps outside your hotel door without having a PR thrust their drink offers in your face. Here at Ibiza Club News we’ve definitely got nothing against PR’s and realise that they’re just trying to earn a crust and have the summer of their dreams in Ibiza, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they can be annoying so we’ve decided to put together the ten best ways to avoid PRs without being rude or obnoxious to them…

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1 – Pretend You’re On Your Phone

This little doozie is guaranteed to have you sail straight past the PRs. If they don’t think they can get your attention they won’t bother you. Also works with street charity fundraisers and your boyfriend /girlfriend.

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