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Are The Illuminati Controlling The Price Of Water In Ibiza?

Are The Illuminati Controlling The Price Of Water In Ibiza?


The cost of water in Ibiza is something that has plagued the island for thousands of years.

Reports suggest that the price of water rose by more than a thousand percent after an influx of Romans arrived on the island around 200BC. It is believed that local land owners started to charge the Romans extortionate prices for water while they were celebrating rituals to their gods.

Around the same time, it is widely believed that the Illuminati was founded in the backroom of Amnesia, which was little more than a normal sized nightclub at that time. Some people would say that both of these things happening on the island around the same time are little more than a coincidence. We would say these people are sheep and ask them to open their eyes to what is really going on around them. 

Have you ever questioned why there are so many lizards in Ibiza? It’s because the island is, and always has been, the global stronghold of the illuminati. And as you’ll all be aware, the Illuminati are lizard people. So, the next time you see a tiny lizard scurrying across your balcony, just think, that lizard could go on to be the President of America someday.

Now, how have the Illuminati managed to garner so much wealth and power in the world? Simple, because they have been controlling the price of water in Ibiza for over two thousand years. They’re making billions of euros every single day by selling water in Ibiza. A lot of the time it’s not even H2O that’s in those bottles, it’s H3PIcOO2O, a cheaper, synthetic version of water that also contains mild poison and mind control agent.

The wealth that the Illuminati have accumulated over two millennia of water racketeering has allowed them to trick the planet into believing the Earth is flat, that the planet is getting warmer, that man has landed on the Moon, which is actually a giant nightclub that’s even harder to get into than Berghain, and that dinosaurs are extinct, when they were actually just shrunk by a giant octopus and sent to live in Australia.

If you look closely, all of the evidence is right there in front of your eyes, all you need to do is stop breathing chemtrails and start looking between the lines. The truth is out there.

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