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Ibiza Is NOT Closed For 2020

Ibiza Is NOT Closed For 2020

Mike Mooguire

Did you read the news this week about the official ruling closing Ibiza’s bars and clubs for 2020? 

We did too. It was shocking news for Ibiza which reverberated around the music community worldwide, published in magazines and websites around the globe. 

Except, there was no official ruling. 

“Ibiza’s bars and clubs must close for 2020!” read yesterday’s ‘The Mirror’

“Holidaymakers who go to party resorts in Ibiza and Majorca face finding nightclubs and dance bars still closed despite an easing of the Spanish coronavirus restrictions” read ‘The Daily Mail’. 

Let’s put it down to sloppy journalism, or clickbait, either way – it wasn’t properly reported. Yes, some clubs have announced they won’t be opening in 2020. Hï Ibiza & Ushuaïa, for instance, will be closed until 2021. Others will likely follow.

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However, venues with a 300 person capacity can open from next week, and a working committee has been set up to review the situation every 15 days. That’s the official stance. Yes, it is true to say the bigger clubs will not open in the same way as usual.

Nothing in 2020 is business as usual.

But that’s not to say all is lost – Ibiza Rocks have already announced a series of poolside sessions for July, O Beach opens July 1st, Cafe Mambo is open, Lio will be open, Blue Marlin will be open, as are most of the bars you’d expect. Like Bambuddha, Itaca, Plastik, Ibiza Rocks Bar, Bora Bora, Jet, Kumharas, Savannah, Linekers, Beach Star and more.

The legendary Pikes will be open. Pikes alone is enough for anybody – Pikes, a cocktail and some music – what more do you need?

Cova Santa will likely open. Float Your Boat have announced beach-hopping cruises from July 3rd, Cirque De La Nuit have converted their party boat into a VIP style day cruise to Formentera… and who knows what else may come?

We know that some of the prominent promoters on the island have been meeting and plotting – and there will be plenty of amazing new concepts for Ibiza this year – rooftop parties, BBQ brunches – as well as parties in smaller venues. A source within one of the main clubs has indicated they are working very hard to open within the guidelines this summer.

And please don’t forget… the island is sitting waiting for you right this very second. It’s alive, it’s as beautiful as ever, it still full of amazing people, great drinks, great food, amazing beaches – and guess what? It’s still sunny there, yes, even in 2020!

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And let’s be real here – whether you agree with them or not, we will likely see plenty of parties popping up around the island in villas, caves and anywhere else you can carry a set of CDJs and some speakers.

Covid-19 has been one of the most trying times in living memory and authorities are doing all they can to keep visitors safe. The safety of every person visiting the island, and the safety of those around them, is paramount. Sure, things won’t be the same as usual, but don’t let that stop you having a good time here. So come to Ibiza, enjoy your holiday and be safe.

This is the most magical place on earth, and 2020 is a year for a different kind of party. See the island, take in everything it has to offer – there may never be a summer like this one again. So why would you miss it?

It’s not as if there is much to do at home right now – agreed?

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