Ibiza’s New Mask Laws: Where Do You Need to Wear a Mask?

For those of you unsure on the new legislation regarding the wearing of masks in Ibiza, we’ve put together a simple overview for you.

Last week it was announced that the wearing of masks will be mandatory on the island, by anyone over the age of 6, as of Monday July 13th. This means that masks must be worn in all public places, even when maintaining a level of social distancing. 

That said, there are a list of exclusions where masks are not mandatory, these places or circumstances are:

  • When exercising, or participating in sport
  • Outside of “urban” zones; this covers nature reserves, beaches, etc. 
  • Once seated at a restaurant; if you are waiting to be seated, or out of your seat you must be wearing a mask

Masks are also permitted to be removed where social distancing of 1.5m is maintained between people you don’t live with: 

  • In and around pools and terraces
  • On seafront promenades and piers 

It was also announced that from July 20th anyone found violating the rules can be fined up to €100. 

Masks also continue to be mandatory in all shops, so make sure you keep one with you if you’re popping to the Mercadona!

Masks can be taken off at restaurants once seated.

These rules are in place to keep the island safe, and avoid new cases of Covid-19 as Ibiza starts to re-open for business. So if you’re visiting, remember to keep a mask with you at all times, if you forget they’re available to purchase at most shops and all Farmacias.

Further rules may be announced soon, as illegal gatherings have been causing concern on the island as they’ve been breaking numerous social distancing guidelines. The Health Minister Patricia Gomez has hinted at limiting the amount of people who can meet. 

With new rules being announced frequently, things are subject to change, but will we keep you informed with any changes that are announced.

Most importantly, have fun, but stay safe!

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