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Introducing: Jeff Alford

Introducing: Jeff Alford

Radio Team

Ibiza Club News Radio has been bubbling around in the background for quite a few weeks now. Testing, plotting, dancing to ourselves, preparing for a long winter of great music leading into hopefully the return of summer in 2021. As we celebrate our official launch, it’s time to get to know the residents. This time around, we chat to Jeff Alford…

Hey! Nice to meet you. What’s your name?

Jeff Alford

What made you want to be a DJ?

The fact that my background is of a live electronic musican, using various hardware sequencers and synthetizers since over two decades with time and dedication I’ve come to realise that there was more to DJing than I initially thought there was and as a music producer I knew that someday I would be part of being in the scene as a DJ and not only as a live producer and then I started DJing. Its almost been a decade ago now by simply selecting my favourite tracks as well as introducing my own productions when it was the right moment in time within the same genre of music. I always loved experimenting with different sounds and music production styles.

What are your top 5 tunes EVER? We’ll be secretly judging you, so they better be good.

Here are some of my favourite tunes in random order :

Samuel Barber – Adagio for strings 
Pink Floyd – Breath in the air 
Iron Maiden – Fear of the dark 
Jean-Michel Jarre – Rendez-vous 
Prodigy – Voodoo People 

Whats your favourite club and why?

I have numerous favourite clubs located in London, Paris, Ibiza, Beirut and many are yet to be discovered around the world, of course. I prefer clubs that have that underground vibe which is essential to me as a electronic music performer. It would also lead to one’s experience going clubbing every weekend and become part of the scene. Last summer I had the chance to check out Amnesia, Hi Ibiza, Privilege, Ibiza Underground, The Zoo Project which all have different vibes. 

Tell us your favourite thing about being a DJ?

The selection of tracks is always a special activity I look forward to, listening to new music also inspires me to write my own with a concept in mind aswell as making the tracks DJ friendly.

What advice have you been given in life that you found useful?

To be positive no matter what, to be consistent in what you achieve, to do what you love doing most, practice makes perfect, to never give up and always be there for you musician friends.

Lockdowns have been awful for dance music, if you had to make a bet – how do you see 2021 playing out?

I honestly see myself in Ibiza in summer 2021. Not only because of the lockdown but because it would be the most natural move for me as a dj/producer and take advantage of the nightlife there, it would look like a perfect blend.

Where is the best place for people to check out your music?

I’ve just recently created a playlist on my artist profile on Spotify which you can find here.

My own Industrial Force Records triple album entitled “D2e Revisited, Vol.5” can be found here.

The full album release also appears on the Industrial Force Radio playlist on Spotify

You can also visit my new website for more infos at

Tell us about this months mix?

This months mix I’m showcasing some of my own tracks releases in a 2 hour session as well ad pushing the best of Melodic House and Techno at a 125 bpm mark, the mix is also be a bridge between what fits with my own sound and what I wish I could deliver however I always stay true to my own music revealed on D2e Revisited, Vol.5 released on my Industrial Force record label. I’m looking forward to share more of my music on Ibiza Club News Radio, stay tuned !

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