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Space Just Announced the Date They Will Close Forever!

As if the week wasn’t already crammed with show-stopping Ibiza Club News, Space, the world’s number one nightclub and the legend that started it all, has just dropped the date for their final ever closing party, right out of the blue!

That date is Sunday October 2nd! If you are not there, you will forever go down in history as that big dope that read about it on Ibiza Club News and didn’t go! Yes, you read that correctly! GET YOUR FLIGHTS BOOKED YOU BIG DOPE!

This will be the party to end all parties, the one final goodbye to a legendary institution that has given us 27 years of music, stories and friendships, and has spawned thousands of clubs in its wake, each trying to imitate even just 1% of what Space means to its clubbers and to the smiling faces that pass through its doors nightly from May until October each and every season.

Now. Get them flights booked.
Andrei Hancu / Mihai Bunu | interval 100bipolar house

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