Understandably, amidst all of the strange things happening in the world right now, you’re probably a little bit nervous about travelling.

We’ve seen lots of talk about what it’s like to be travelling right now; as to whether it’s safe, and debates about if people should give it a miss this season due to fears about safety. Well, we landed into Ibiza Airport earlier this month, and here is what you can expect when landing on the island.

Masks Are Compulsory Throughout Your Flight

As expected, masks were mandatory throughout the flight; with the exception of being able to remove it for food and drink. Before take-off, we noticed that some guests had their seats changed to allow maximum social distancing throughout the flight, giving a decent amount of spacing between the passengers. Due to reduced flights, the trip was an hour shorter than usual, so that was an unexpected bonus. 

Tips: Pack a couple of spare facemasks into your hand luggage, as you’ll probably want to change it after being on the flight. There’s also no hand sanitiser on board, so it’s probably wise to pop a bottle into your liquids bag when you’re packing

Your Temperature Will Be Taken on Arrival

This isn’t as invasive as it sounds. We knew this was going to happen, but we weren’t quite sure as to how. Cleverly, Ibiza Airport has installed thermal imaging cameras in the airport before you enter the baggage reclaim area. These take your temperature as you walk through; if you’re wearing a hat, take it off for this unless you want to be shouted at; as the cameras can’t get an effective read if you’re wearing a hat. 

Masks need to be worn on public walkways and in taxis.

Contact Tracing Forms Need To Be Completed On Arrival

Your airline will have provided you with these when you downloaded your boarding passes to complete. But if you’re like us, who forgot to fill them out, don’t worry; they have small stations placed around the entrance between plastic screens with extra forms for you to fill them in on arrival. These will be collected as you enter baggage reclaim, and they cover where you have travelled from, how to contact you, and any basics needed to get in touch if you have been in contact with any infected persons.

Masks Are Compulsory In The Airport

As expected, masks are also mandatory in the airport. Like we said above, we’d recommend bringing extra masks in your hand luggage as after a flight you’re probably going to want to change it. If you don’t have them to hand, the Farmacia by the toilets in the airport is open and fully stocked. 

Masks Are Also Compulsory Outside Of The Airport

As of July 13th masks are also compulsory outside of the airport, on public walkways in urban centres; so make sure you keep your mask on once you leave, and especially if you’re getting a taxi. If you’re hiring a car, you’re free to take your mask off at this point.  

If You’re Hiring A Car, Book In Advance

With the season starting late, and demand for car hire increasing over night, there’s been a shortage of cars on the island. We’ve seen plenty of cars being transported through the marina the past few days, but you’re probably best to book in advance to ensure you’re not stuck on arrival. 

Overall, we had a perfectly good experience and didn’t feel compromised at any point on our entry to Ibiza. There are plenty of precautions in place to keep you safe, and contact tracing is in place to keep you informed if you have crossed paths with anyone who has become symptomatic. 

So, in short, try not to worry and enjoy your trip!