What It’s Like To Be A Tourist In Ibiza This Year

It’s been a strange year for everyone, and 2020 has most definitely been an unusual year for Ibiza. With an unprecedented amount of clubs announcing they’ll be remaining closed until 2021, it’s hard to imagine what Ibiza is like right now. Fortunately, we’re here to give you an insight. =

Okay, the clubs aren’t open; but if you’re an avid lover of the island like we are, you’ll already know that there is so much more to Ibiza than the clubs alone. This year, that part of the island is really shining.

Ibiza Town Is Open and Thriving

Stepping into Ibiza Town after 3 months of lockdown was a welcoming experience. The square is open, the streets are bustling, the restaurants are open, and at night the bars come alive. Of course, masks are compulsory and social distancing is still in place, but other than that, it’s about as close to normality as we could wish to be right now. The steep hills of Dalt Villa are less clustered than normal so it’s the perfect time to walk to the top and absorb the views.  

If You Love The Beaches, You’re In Luck

With less tourists on the island, the beaches are less populated and more picturesque than ever. We spent the day at Cala d’Hort, and were delighted to see how relaxed the atmosphere was; as there were plenty of free beds and the views of Es Vedra were as always astounding. El Carmen is open for food and drinks too, so you can easily spend a full day there enjoying the sun and the views. 

… And Beach Clubs Are In Full Swing Too

With beaches being a safe space, beach bars are open and in full swing for the season. Whether you’re in Bossa, San An, Cala Longa, Salinas, or anywhere else on the island you can guarantee there’s a beach club open nearby; with popular spots such as Nassau Beach, Alma Beach Club, Amante, & Experimental Beach to name a few already open.

San Antonio Is Still Lively

Along with Ibiza Town, San Antonio is back to business and thriving. With sunset strip back in action, the promenade restaurants and bars back reopen, and even some West End spots opening their doors, it is as always a great place to end up for a bite to eat or night out. Mambo’s, Kumhara’s, Beach Star and O Beach are all back in business; so if you’re still looking for a party this is the best place to be.

Bossa’s Bars Are Back Open For Business

If you venture into Bossa mid-afternoon, you may be shocked to see the place looking like it’s early April with Ushuaia & Hi still boarded up, and the bars closed. But don’t be fooled, come nightfall the bars are springing back into action with nightlife reappearing in the area. If you’re there in the day, the Steak & Shake are back open, and you’ll find a few spots across the beach too. 

Overall, aside from the clubs, the Island is returning to normal, and if you can visit, it’s definitely worth the trip to get your 2020 fix. Just make sure you stay safe!

Keep your eyes peeled for our up and coming guides to Ibiza 2020, as we are here on the island right now, finding out what you want to know.

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