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Yet Another Huge Pool Party Announced For Ibiza Rocks Hotel

If you’ve been following Ibiza Club news this off-season, you’ll have noticed a lot of announcement coming from Ibiza Rocks. At one stage it felt like we couldn’t log into our email accounts without news of another series of pool parties landing in our inboxes.

It got to a point where it almost seemed like there were more parties than days in the week and then, understandably, it went kinda quiet. Just when we thought we’d broke all of the news that was gonna come out of Ibiza Rocks,they hit us with another awesome pool party residency.

La Discothèque is a brand new party that will bring all things disco to our favourite San Antonio poolside. Mondays will never be the same again, with La Discothèque taking control of the music in Ibiza Rocks Hotel for a series of five weeks beginning on 26 August and running all the way through until 23 September.

Ibiza Rocks have yet to release any details of the lineups for these parties, but if there’s one thing we know about Ibiza Rocks,it’s that they know how to curate an absolutely killer party so we’re fully expecting La Discothèque to be nothing short of top quality talent.

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With so much quality of offer in Ibiza Rocks this summer, we’re expecting it to be a very busy season for them and we would highly recommend that, if you’re planning an attending La Discothèque or any of their other parties, you buy your tickets well in advance. You’ll be able to find everything you need over on the Ibiza Rocks website now.

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