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Five Tips For An Ibiza Virgin Heading To Playa Den Bossa

Five Tips For An Ibiza Virgin Heading To Playa Den Bossa


Ibiza has always been an iconic party destination with hundreds of thousands of ravers arriving on the White Isle each summer.

Boasting the best clubs and hosting the best DJ’s, there is reason holiday maker’s return time and time again. Find a person who doesn’t love Ibiza and you have found yourself a liar.

Whilst Ibiza Town and San Antonio might be more common tourist destinations, Playa De Bossa is the true party capital of the Island. Of course it has its family friendly hotels and apartments – but by showcasing such places as Space, Ushuaia, Sankeys, Hard Rock Hotel and Bora Bora, it is unrivalled in what it has to offer when it comes to the party scene.

Here are five tips for an Ibiza virgin heading to Playa Den Bossa…

No dress code, no problem

For most, if not all clubbers across the world, we have once upon a time been refused entry to a club for not having the appropriate clobber. Fear not, as in Ibiza pretty much anything goes.

You can be as outrageously glamorous or as understated as you choose and nobody will call you out on it. You may want to wear a smart shirt or dress and heels, that is fine. However nobody will stop you from wearing a little vest, boob-tube or trainers in the clubs.

Our tip: Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable without worrying about the door policy. Just don’t get topless in the clubs….

Make the most of your spending money

A lot gets said about the prices of Ibiza and to be honest, it is all true. You will pay between thirty and sixty euros to get into a club (depending on the event) – and you will pay around fifteen to twenty euros for a beer/spirit and mixer.

The good thing is there is no shortage of bars which offer ‘normal’ priced alcohol and good drinks deals, especially during happy hour. You will also stumble across shops which sell alcohol if having a tipple on your balcony or on the beach is your thing.

Our tip: Prepare to pay out in the clubs, but use your common sense and top up in the bars beforehand. Make those Euros go as far as possible and hit up the two for one cocktails in Joy Bar or head down to Tantra for some decent vibes and competitively priced drinks before going onto a club.

Do your homework before you get on the plane

There are ticket sellers on every street corner trying to get you to go to every single event every single night, and chances are they will convince you to go to something you’ve no interest in (they can be very persuasive).

As an example, Ushuaia is arguably the best venue on the Island with a ridiculous sound-system and spectacular visuals; however if you are not into EDM then your choice of what events you can attend there are quite limited.

It is expected that Ants will be hosted in Ushuaia on a Saturday – which is a must for all house and techno enthusiasts. Sunday to Friday is simply EDM every day.

Our tip: More often than not the DJ line-up will be available weeks if not months in advance, so why not work out who you want to see and where they are playing before you get on the plane.

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Age is but a number

Ever been in a club and thought to yourself “he is too old to be here”? Well that needs to stop straight away.

In Ibiza you are as likely to be dancing the night away with people in their forties as you are with a bunch of twenty one year olds.

A lot of holiday destinations are famous for having big groups of boys trying to pull big groups of girls. If you are actively seeking this in Playa Den Bossa I’m sure you will find it as Ibiza is full of romance. However what you will find a lot more of is friendly people of all ages looking to enjoy the music and have a good time.

Our tip: Everybody makes new friends in Ibiza; so go there with an open-mind and positive attitude about people of all ages from all countries. They are all there to have fun too.

Hangovers are for wimps

Rather than going down to KFC to eat because it is a safe choice, why not try one of the restaurants? More often than not you will get a far better meal for a brilliant price.

Food aside, Playa Den Bossa is a very lively place, so take a stroll up the beach and see what you find. From around two o clock in the afternoon until late, Jet Apartments and Bora Bora have a DJ and cater for those looking to listen to some tunes on the beach whilst sunbathing, or those who want to start their shenanigans early. It gets lively.

Our tip: Who cares if you got in at seven a.m? Get up and go for a walk. You will definitely find something worthwhile. Daytime party frolics, a lovely boat trip, or games and activities. It all goes on so make the most of it.

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